Truth check Saab wheels 9-3 2007 wagon

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Thread: Truth check Saab wheels 9-3 2007 wagon

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    Truth check Saab wheels 9-3 2007 wagon

    So, I a badly buckled wheel. The tyre and wheel people I have spoken to locally all agree that only Saab wheels should go on Saab cars. In one way that's good, because I don't want to fork out for a whole new set of alloys! Some alloy wheel repair people say they can fix the buckle , but my trusted mechanic is wary of this for safety reasons. And we are safety-conscious people. In Australia we have very limited parts available. Please folks, your thoughts on this are welcome.

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    Re: Truth check Saab wheels 9-3 2007 wagon

    Have you tried that well known auction site ?
    GM ( or holden) as over there use the same bolt pattern 5/110 so you may be able to pick up a second hand set of alloys to suite , but I never trust the tyres that come with them .
    yes there are companies that can repair scuffs , buckles on alloys , but at the end of the day if you not comfortable with the idear then don't do it . Safety is paramount.funnly enough I have a spare one of those but it would be a complete faff and prolly cost the earth to send

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    Well. I checked several web pages locally and nothing. I think I'm a going to have to try to just fix it. I don't believe that GM wheels will fit correctly...why would so many people say only saab will fit saab?

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    Re: Truth check Saab wheels 9-3 2007 wagon

    I've got a set of Vauxhall 19" VXR wheels on mine and have so for the last year and a half no problems.
    also at that point GM had a tie in with Saab , you will also find that parts on Saab are interchangeable with Vauxhall,

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    I have seen plenty of single Saab wheels on Ebay.

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    Re: Truth check Saab wheels 9-3 2007 wagon

    Off course you can use any other wheels that fit!
    There are also plenty of aftermarket wheels!
    For the 07 9-3 they have to have the same PCD ie 5 x 110 and offset ET41 and centre bore 65.1mm
    Wheels in the offset range ET35-ET50 approx will also be fine (the 9-5 wheels are interchangeable with offset ET49!)
    Many of the GM vehicles have the same spec for example.
    A more comprehensive list of compatible wheels.

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