Error code reader

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Thread: Error code reader

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    Saab Newbie Mdwannabe's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Nashville Tn.

    Error code reader

    Check engine light is on. Taking my car to the shop to just find out what a code means gets expensive. Can I just buy a standard code reader or do I need a special one for a 2000 Saab Viggen?

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    Jan 2014

    Re: Error code reader

    I have a ELM 327 interface reader that I use on my 2001 95 & 2005 95, which I have used successfully.
    You need to use it with an app on your smart phone,I use OBD doctor, the bought version gives more information ie fuel trims, air flow, throttle position and more which helps with diagnosis.
    I suggest you need to understand the code number gives the fault but you need to drill down and find out why you are getting the fault.
    You may have an oxygen sensor fault code, but the sensor may be ok, the code may be bacause you have low fuel pressure, which makes the car run lean, all the computer knows is the 02 sensor is out of range.
    I have found if you get the code, then google the code relating to your car you may get some suggestions.
    Good luck

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    Saabisti Jopo001's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    Re: Error code reader

    As above, just get an obd2 adapter thats bluetooth and link it to phone a get the codes. You can read codes and clear then with any code reader, the saab diagnostic is tech2 and that can do alot of other things and can ready faults from systems such as abs that a code reader cant but if you just have a check engine light can get the code with anything

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    Re: Error code reader

    Or if you have a laptop , get opcom , and install that .
    Been using that on my 9-3 for years never fails .

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    Saab Afficionado
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    Dec 2003

    Re: Error code reader

    On a 2000 OG 9-3 it is unlikley to be fully OBD2 compliant (2001 cars onwards should be) yours should be OBD1.
    This means you will get very little info without using a Tech2.
    Opcom doesnt play well with Trionic systems but does work well with the later diesels.
    So if you want to purchase the correct tool for your car it would be a clone Tech2.

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    Oct 2002
    Kippen, Stirling

    Re: Error code reader

    I bought an Actron CP9125 from eBay for about £25 and it reads both OBD and OBD2 even though it is badged as OBD II PocketScan. It does my 1999 cabrio and both an 02 and 57 plate diesels.

    Paul @ Kippen.

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