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Thread: Private Reg

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    Private Reg

    Keep debating getting a private plate. As my initials TJB seem to be very expensive unless I accept lots of numbers I'm considering '??55 AAB' to read '??5 5AAB' (ie SAAB). What do you reckon? Private plate or spend the reasonable amount of money on something more aesthetic and be proud of the 2008 plate Saab still looking so good!?

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    Re: Private Reg

    Get a cheaper Irish plate! Or just an older plate letter-number-letter. FWIW both of our cars have PP and one was purchased 24 years ago for £250 any time I put it on to assess its worth they offer about £450 at best. On top of the cost of the PP is 20 % VAT plus £75 DVLC transfer!

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    Re: Private Reg

    Thanks for your input airport. I have decided that for the price of a pp I could have the car remapped, easy choice really Even cheap Irish plates come in at quite a bit of money with the fees....

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    Re: Private Reg

    Get it remapped , put a boot spoiler on it , and some nifty alloys , put 19,s on it with some 20mm hub spacers . Get some drilled and grooved brakes , braided hoses . It will look like the dogs Tally wackle!

    And you will still have a lot of change out of the price of a private Reg .
    But I'm spending your money here .
    Did it to mine and I'm really pleased with my results.
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    Re: Private Reg

    Private plate and 19's........guaranteed to pull the birds

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