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Thread: Tyre Stepping

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    Re: Tyre Stepping

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
    I have emailed the dealer regarding the part worn tyres that have cracking sidewalls, said he had no idea!!! will get the tyres changed anyway just didn't want to waste money on new tyres that would tear up anyway. will have to investigate further but thanks for the info, really helpful.Paul.
    Another thing many owners aren't aware of, is tyre age. Stamped on the sidewall of every tyre, is an oblong box with the week number of production, and the year of manufacture. One of my neighbours was recently telling me that he'd got two part worn tyres on his car which he'd paid £20 each for, around 6mm of tread on each one and he showed me his pair of 'bargain tyres'. Great I said, until I pointed out the tyre date. They were both 10 years old and had crazing on the sidewalls. 'Rather you than me', I told him, and reminded him that when he's next bombing down the M1 at 80mph with the wife and kids onboard, perhaps he should think about his 'amazing value' purchase when they blow out and spill everyone out onto the carriageway.

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    Re: Tyre Stepping

    The tyres he put on are both different brands, one is a uniroyal and the other a brand i haven't heard of, nothing against fitting the budget option tyres because some have decent reviews on here, the tyre walls are aged quite badly and have small cracks on them, My previous car was a 15 year old Mondeo and I used part worns on that but wasn't keen to do it on my 2011 Saab 93. I think they only put the tyres on to confirm they were making the noise despite an earlier call from the dealer confirming back bearing issue. I only use the car to commute to work at the moment but will be doing longer journeys after my hols. have booked into a local recommended garage for Hunter wheel alignment check, will update if you're interested once checked and hopefully rectified .

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    Re: Tyre Stepping

    I'm not going to slam used car sales places ( but brought a car from one and as soon as he had my money in his hand , his attitude changed from one that could not do enough , to one that really did not give a F**K )
    And the 3 month warranty Is law as trading standards are concerned . Extended warrantys are handed out like confetti , so any big problem ( gearbox engine ) they can claim on your "1 years super dooper cover everything except what's in the small print and of course the claim limit will not cover the full cost "type warranty .so really they can sell you a car with an underlying problem which they may know of that you may put down to it being different from your last car , but over the year it becomes an expensive problem .
    With me in the end I washed my hands with him , got the work done by a Fiat dealer ( being my partners 500)
    And took him to the small claims court and won !
    The car had 3 tyres nearly down to minimum
    Both brake cylinders leaking and contaminated the shoes ,
    DPF light on ,came on after taking the car home , it was due to the selling garage just stop starting it on his forecourt . 1 leaking injector .
    And it had supposedly been MOTed
    By his local garage ( he used the same forecourt as them , and they did not look very welcoming)
    So I knew if I took it back there it would end up in there dodgy workshop ! .
    I know some people have good used car places , but I find that we are only lining there pockets at the end of the day and they look at customers as pound signs !
    As soon as somebody brings a car back they know the law is in our hands so they have to act , but what ever the problem is , is going to eat into the funds of there next holiday , so they scrimp a bit !
    PS those extended warrantys that you can by look good , but what it don't cover and none of them do as far as I kniw is the turbo !

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    Re: Tyre Stepping

    fact that the tyres are cracking would have been flagged up on the mot also the upper cross stay arms would have flagged up also if they were that bad,as to cause the inside of the rear tyre to wear(any photos of said tyres)..check the manufacturing date code of the tyre(on the sidewall)..
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