AMP 1 Woes

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Thread: AMP 1 Woes

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    AMP 1 Woes

    my car has been stood for a while, approx 6 months, replace battery as it was 4 years old and would not hold a charge. trickle charge purchased along with a new Exide battery 62ah and 580cca (30% off at ECP so happy days) £ 55.00 incl

    OK, so fired car up started first touch of the key, i have started it and run it once a month or driven it short distances.

    running through a thorough check of what works and does not and so far AMP 1 is not working!
    Red lights flashing inside the amp but no output.

    1) Is there a relay and which fuse (plus location would be handy)
    2)how do i remove it to check the contacts and for corrosion? IS IT A SEAT OUT JOBBIE AND I CAN ONLY SE THE TWO TORX ON THE REAR RAILS OF THE FRONT PASSENGER SEAT, WHAT AM I MISSING?
    3) Anyone do repair to amp 1's, not a bypass as i have good uprated speakers (JBL's) in doors and centre dash) and do not want to loose them.
    4) anything i have missed or just hit it with a hammer?


    FWIW am enjoying my new S40 T3R then i jump in my aero and realise what i am missing, with the noobtune and uprated suspension (has the bigger brakes around too which helps) it still has that grin factor. It is still a great car and an easy match for modern machinery in terms of refinement and more than a match for most 'quick' cars. Its staying!

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    We do not stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.

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    Re: AMP 1 Woes

    There should be a solid red light inside the amp . Not a flashing one .
    When I removed mine I remember someone saying it can be removed with seat in place , well I tried and it was easier to take seat out , because the connector is tight and no give in the wiring loom .
    As far as I can remember there's one torx screw for the amp .
    The seat has 2 torx at rear in the rails , and of course the lower mount for the seatbelt is attached ,
    Oooooooo and don't forget the large multi plug under the seat , it takes longer to explain than doing it ,
    Once both seat bolts are out slide seat forward a bit and tilt backwards ,
    Do you still have indicators tick ticking ?
    one side of the amp should have the optic fibre output so should be showing a bright light ( best viewed on a piece of card cos I thing it's a kinda lazier .
    First stick the amp in a warm environment ( airing cupboard or such like )
    Check the bottom of it for corrosion that's a killer of thease .

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    Re: AMP 1 Woes

    Thank you, yes, Two red solid lights which is good so its getting signal.

    I need a t50 torx to remove the seats which i shall invest in as i do not have one anyhow. have to say since having a stroke my right arm/hand is more of a hinderance than a help at times!

    when the battery faild the relays went apeshit clicking madly for 20 sec until i could dissconect the battery - could have popped a relay or fuse, given the amp is 150w rated i would have though there would be a relay given its a 12v system 30a fuse.

    so i think what i am getting at through trying to work through a process of elimination Is there a relay? Ive checked every 30a fuse in the car - bonnet, boot & end of dash and all OK as i could not work out which actual fuse was the amp. gratful if somone can fiull me in on location and fuse number/position.

    My money is on damp/corosion TBH and have read up on how to fix if not too badly gone but before i take it out am wondering if there is a relay or am i missing a fuse...
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    We do not stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.

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