2.8 JZW Stage 3 rev-2 first gear judder / holding back.

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Thread: 2.8 JZW Stage 3 rev-2 first gear judder / holding back.

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    2.8 JZW Stage 3 rev-2 first gear judder / holding back.

    Hi all New here with an on going problem that i feel like giving up with. Long story short i had a boost problem where it would boost perfect one minute and pull the boost back the next, after working with John at JZW he came up with a Rev 2 map which solves the issue.... But adds a new issue,

    Problem is pulling away in 1st gear (manual box) it really holds back and feels like its cutting fuel, this happens even if i pull away slowly. after 1st gear its fine.
    Tried another set of coils and gave the car a full service inc fuel filter with no luck. John found it odd it only happens in 1st gear pulling away and told me to see how it is after 100miles but 2000k miles later its still the same.

    Any ideas anyone? as feel bad every time i pester John

    Mods are
    Larger intercooler
    3" Downpipe
    3" main cat with 200 cell sport cat
    Centre silencer removed.
    SAI removed fully and Mapped out by John

    Mods done recently that I haven’t told John about..
    3" stainless intake pipe
    Pipercross large cone filter
    These two mods made no difference to the problem, its still there.

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    Re: 2.8 JZW Stage 3 rev-2 first gear judder / holding back.

    Put your standard map back on- if it's not doing the same it's still a mapping issue.

    Get back in contact with him and get him to revise it again.

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    Re: 2.8 JZW Stage 3 rev-2 first gear judder / holding back.

    agree with the above, also 6 spd (f40?) box will only handle 350ftlbs torque (from memory) so mappers often limit the power in first, sometimes second gears so as not to destroy the clutch/flywheel and gearbox.

    couplem of things - are the listed mod the only mods?
    i am not a fan of this 'stage' type tuning although see the advantages of packages/stages. what sport of power is stage 3? bhp and torque??

    Could it be the traction control kicking in?

    given stage 3 i would have thought hotter plugs, bigger injectors and hi flow fuel pump as a bare minimum as supporting mods.

    Not a Saab tuner and do not claim to be an expert by any means but been tuning cars since 1980.
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    Re: 2.8 JZW Stage 3 rev-2 first gear judder / holding back.

    Following up on this post. Was the problem fixed? I would also like your comments regarding the 3" down pipe and exhaust and specifically the configuration of the catalytic converter (s). Many tuners in North America seem to delete the cat when they go to a 3" down pipe which is not acceptable from an environmental perspective and likely won't pass our bi-annual emissions inspections. Did you run a single 3" exhaust all the way to the back or did you split it and run dual rear mufflers (size?)? Did you use the oem "splitter box" or did you make up a 1-2 merge collector? Comments on the sound level?

    Many thanks,

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