Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

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Thread: Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

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    Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

    Ok last week got a call from my leading company , van due 2 year break fluid change , takes half an hour , ( van done 56.000 miles but 2 years old ) next service due 60.000 miles ,
    Ok so went in bloke came out and said -------- front breaks worn , wipers shot , o/s/r tyre has nail in .
    Just goes to show Thease extended service times should only be taken as a guide line .
    Can't wait till next years mot , by then will be up to 80.000 to 90.000 miles

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    Re: Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

    Yes, I know we've mentioned it before and I completely understand. I do about 37k miles a year in my works van and that has 20k mile service intervals which I'm not at all happy about, but it's out of my hands and I can only keep my eye on things. As part of my regular checks, I found the rear brake pads were almost shot at 30k miles. When I called the workshops, they questioned my ability to deduce what I was telling them. I didn't argue, I just took the van to them and left it with them. They then have a legal obligation to check it on safety grounds. Surprise, surprise, the workshop manager phoned me back apologising and informed me they'd replaced them.

    I'm still not happy though about the 20k oil changes either, but again, out of my hands and I'm glad I don't have to treat my own car that way.

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    Re: Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

    a service should be carried out yearly or xx miles whichever is sooner imo.........and most service schedules state this

    the vehicles I work on are serviced 4x a year regardless

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    Re: Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

    Thought I'd spring this topic back to life from a tale a work colleague told me today.

    So said work colleague, their Ford Focus engine made a horrible noise last week and was recovered to a garage. Absolutely no surprises, snapped cambelt. Car has had minimal servicing, 8 years old, well over 100k on the clock and cambelt had never been inspected or obviously changed. For the sake of £350 to £400, this need never have happened and they've been quoted £1700 for an engine rebuild for a car that probably wouldn't make that much at auction.

    So, if anyone thinks that putting off a cambelt change or hasn't actually ever given it a single thought, this sort of tale is a stark reminder. It just doesn't make financial sense putting it off or somehow being completely oblivious. This has happened to two of my neighbours in the last 12 months and now the third work colleague of mine that this has happened to in the last 8 months and two of them knew they should have got the job done but refused to spend the money. Both ended up scrapping their cars and it cost them thousands buying new cars, though I guess that's what makes the world go round!

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    Re: Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

    As usual caddyman you hit the "cambelt " nail on the head !
    I love it when you see Thease cars ( loking at saabs ) but other manufacters are available. .
    Where the seller says " cambelt replaced at 75.000 miles in 2012 , so nothing to worry about till 150,000 !!!!!! Crikey by that point I'll be rubbing my rabbits foot , not stepping on the cracks in the pavement , and staying well clear from scaffolding ,
    They follow manufacters service guidelines . To the letter . Or just keep saying it will never happen to me !.
    I can remember one car maker ( Swedish as well )
    That had a recall on its 960 24 valve 3.0 liter , due to volvo saying cambelt replacement every 20.000 miles , where in reality , they were snapping at 11.000 miles , causing complete engine failure ,

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    Re: Extended service intervals a load of flip flap !

    Just to bring a bitta gloom doom & despondency to proceedings

    A few years ago I bought a 150Tid with 46K on it ..... I was new to Saabs etc .... so I thought .... Best thing to do was change the Cam belt & associated ... & maybe keep that up every 50/60k or so ...... So I bought a box O'bits.... Belt, pulley, tensioner & water pump..... Then a lil box O' bits to keep the camshafts in position whilst works were going on ....

    I got all busy with the spanners & replaced everything mentioned + another idler pulley, because I was in a good mood ..... All OEM parts ....... I followed the instructions to the book ..... Torque wrench settings, where not to & to add Locktite .....

    Three months later the Belt tensioner let go & all went "Pop"...... I was dismayed.......

    Fortunately the 150Tid has sacrificial cam followers, so the clean up repairs were not too spendy ..... All in ..... My Advice ?
    Get a Grease monkey at a garage to do ya cam belt changes & keep the receipt........ You can use the uninsured losses bolt on to your motor insurance to make them pay up for their failures in total if your angry enough ...

    Just sayin'


    P.S...... Asking Motor oil to retain its package of goodness for 18K is nonsense .... Motor oil will last "Generally" for 5.5K to 6K ........
    If you don't believe me, get your oil analysed after 10k.......... Prepare to be irritated ......

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