What dose a O2 / lambda sensor do ? .??

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Thread: What dose a O2 / lambda sensor do ? .??

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    What dose a O2 / lambda sensor do ? .??

    Yep I'll prob be booted out for this , but I have a mazda 6 2.0DI . ( long story why but it's mine )
    Any road up it had DPF light flashing and EML on . Took it back to selling garage , and to,d them not fit for purpose thingy . Any way they carried out regen and a very expensive oil change ( FOC ) . Drove it away and 2 miles later same ting ! . Took it back , they re-scanned it and came up with O2 sensor fault .
    So they took them out (2 I've been told ? ) . Cleared code and are now running it around , I don't want it back till they have giving it a good run , so should have it back tomorrow .
    I'm not looking for technical advise , but my question is as the title , what do the O2 sensor (s) on a diesel do ? . I know it's something to do with oxygen , but do they advance or retard something
    It's just my mind being inquestive .
    Thank in advance for a technical response .

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    Re: What dose a O2 / lambda sensor do ? .??

    Lambda sensors measure the O2 levels in the exhaust gases and determine from that whether the mixture is correct (1st sensor) and the state of the catalytic convertor (2nd sensor). From these measurements it calculates the amount of fuel trim required for optimum efficiency and minimum emissions.

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    Re: What dose a O2 / lambda sensor do ? .??

    A big Thankyou Lostkiwi for that . Now I understand .
    And welcome back lostkiwi long time .. Since I've seen you on here .

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