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Thread: My Aero TTID

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    Always makes me wonder if someone has ever purchased an item off an eBay seller when they do that and they dont realise

    £120 is a good price! Is the TTiD intercooler up front or is it one of those side jobs? Id be intrested to know how you get on with your cooler, £120 is a price worth paying if you get colder chargered air!
    Turd's Black Saab Aero TTiD 180 -

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    the factory cooler, is in between the air conditioning radiator and the coolant radiator. it is the same size as the normal radiator but quite thin.
    been driving the car for a week or so now, feels good with the new cooler, but i need my map adjusted as the car is over boosting and cutting off just over 3,000 rpm, but down low pull is strong and consistant.

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    few more snaps of the intercooler and what you can see when looking into the engine bay, quite subtle and neat (i wanted as close to factory as i could get)

    drivers side connecting to turbo

    passenger side going down to the cooler

    next on the list is wheels and a real head scratching session, cannot decide on what to go for

    also order some mesh grilles for the front, which will do for now until i modify my own to look like hirsch replica ones

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    Looks really nice that buddy! Did you get a local garage to plumb it up for you?

    I know what you mean about the wheels im still confused on what to go for.
    Turd's Black Saab Aero TTiD 180 -

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyXTurd View Post
    Looks really nice that buddy! Did you get a local garage to plumb it up for you?

    I know what you mean about the wheels im still confused on what to go for.
    done it all myself, isnt too hard to do the initial thought can be off putting, but once the cooler is mounted its fairly straight forward

    looking at some different sets but would need the lottery numbers to come up and have them all lol

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    well after striking a bit of luck on ebay one day, i came across a set of standard grilles which had been modified and some mesh fitted to them. auction was for 2 weeks, but i messaged the seller (who was a total gentleman) to see if he would end the auction early, with no hesitation he done that and we agreed on a price. so they landed last week but was busy with work and only got them fitted today. they totally change the front of the car, although i may look for a smallish saab badge for the middle of the grille to break it up a bit comments welcome



    ohhhhh honeycombe mesh

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    Always nice to find a bargain, Is it just the photo or my screen but is the centre grill a different colour? lol
    Turd's Black Saab Aero TTiD 180 -

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    It's grey , it's grey , it's grey !!!

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    yes the middle grille is painted grey, i had thought on removing it, and colour coding it to the car maybe? or swap over the old surround which is silver?

    ordered some spoilers this morning so hopefully be here in a few weeks and get them fitted

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    I get 235bhp and 488nm from a Twin Channel Tuning Box through TDI Tuning on my 57plated ttdi

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieBaas View Post
    I get 235bhp and 488nm from a Twin Channel Tuning Box through TDI Tuning on my 57plated ttdi

    how much did that cost you? if you dont mind me asking. i would be happy with those figures as i currently dont know what bhp or torque figures i have.

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    There about 300-360 quid. Kev fitted a tuning box on his car after a fair few of us advised him against it, the car kept going into limp mode. Needless to say now its in his draw
    Turd's Black Saab Aero TTiD 180 -

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    well its been far too long since i updated this, but with work and some other goings on i never had time to wash the car never mind do any work to it. but took a few days off last week and done a bit of general maintainence and tidying up (had got rough in my opinion).

    What happened:
    front bumper painted
    grille inserts and lower grille gloss black
    rear diffuser gloss black
    brakes painted
    new wheels fitted
    standard intercooler fitted
    full service
    and a decent clean up again


    exhaust tips cleaned

    brakes painted

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    some general shots

    after doing all this and hoping to enjoy it a bit more, as i was driving home i lost all power, suspected turbo failure (small one) car wont rev, when trying to rev it, it coughs and splutters and putting out some white smoke. jut what i needed! but i shall fix it, change the map on it and hopefully keep it another few years.

    comments welcome, and any insight into the problem would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: My Aero TTID

    Hi, looks real nice.

    White smoke on a diesel - could be h/g but probably not. Unburnt fuel? worth running a quality injector cleaner through it???

    suggest starting a new thread in 9-5 technical section

    We do not stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.

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