I have a 2004 ford escape and was driving it at about 60miles an hour and tried to go higher and it felt like I was forcing it and would go into a roar and the engine start hissing but did not see any steam so about few more miles got to where i was going and it was in idle and was jumping back and forth and had a gas smell. had it towed home. Morning guess what? hardly any oil I looked when i tried to start it and it died. So it only had 1 quart so i put in 2 more then it started but it was real ruff ran it for 3 min and stopped then tried to start it again ok started turned it off next time I turned it on a few min latter click click click tried again dead so i got my battery jumper still would not start just click click click.NOW with out the battery jumper nothing dead.Engine light is on lights go on when it clicks with battery jumper lights look bright enough. So any know? engine,alternator ,sure not the battery just by it self,fuel problem,coils .
Anyone want to take a stab at it?