SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

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Thread: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

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    SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    Could anyone tell me the correct tyre pressure for a SAAB 93 convertible? Also I seem to get a slight vibration when driving. Tyres have been changed and balanced with no difference.



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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    Does the car pull to the to one direction whilst driving normally.

    You will find the tyre pressures in your owners manual towards the back or, in my car anyway, in the glove box. You just have to match up your tyre size, which are on the side of the tyres to the figures given.

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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    Thank you. I don't have the owners manual though. The car is 14 years old and I have only had it a year. I have replaced the four tyres and had them balanced. I have also replaced discs & pads front to back and the rear shock absorbers. It does not pull to one side when driving. There seems to be a slight rumble coming from the passenger side front - it is not the wheel bearing. My mechanic does not seem to hear it but it is definitely there and is worse on rough surfaces. There also seems to be quite a thud coming from the back suspension when I go over bumps but not all the time. As I said, I thought this would improve when I replaced the shocks.

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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    Tyre pressures should also be on a sticker in the glovebox.

    Have you tried swapping the wheels from from to back? Might also be worth getting them rebalanced somewhere else. Some places don't always make a very good job of it.

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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    The knock from the back is quite likely the upper control arms. Cheap and easy fix.

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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    There's a sticker for the tyre pressures inside the passenger door.

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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    Do you get the vibration at all speeds ? If the tyres are ok it might be worth getting the alloys checked in case of any damage...just a thought.
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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension


    33 psi front and back for 205/50 R16 tyres.

    Paul @ Kippen

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    Re: SAAB 93 Convertable Tyre pressure & suspension

    Does the vibration happen all the time or only at certain speed ranges? If so, what speeds? Does it only happen under acceleration under load (like up a highway hill) or can you get it in neutral? Does it happen only when braking?

    Describe the rumble more and when it occurs. Is it influenced by turning the wheel a little left or right? High speeds or low speeds? Have you swapped tires front to rear to see if it moves?

    In the rear, check the upper shock mount area. It's not uncommon for the mounting area to get rusty. When you put in new (stiff) shocks, the added pressure breaks through and the top of the shock is then floating free.

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