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Thread: Refurb Wheels

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    Re: Refurb Wheels


    I know I'm resurrecting an old thread but anyone know of a good paint stripper for wheels ? I have a set of 5 spokes that have bubbling around the bolt holes as well as along the spokes, some kerb damage. I think they need a bit more than rubbing down and I don't feel like spending £50 a corner.

    Paul @ Kippen.

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    Re: Refurb Wheels

    This was a very timely find on the forum as I need to refurb mine. I recently bought a 9-3X SportWagon on which the alloys have a bit of kerbing, etc. Nothing too bad or deep and I was going to get them done professionally but having watched a few YouTube vids on the subject and having now read JM's write-up, I think I'll do them myself.

    My main worry was trying to get the paint code for the silver on the alloys but I reckon that won't be possible so I'll go down the Tetroseal route (or similar) and just spray all 4 the same colour.

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    Re: Refurb Wheels

    I've gone bananas since I wrote this & cot myself a small compressor & a touch up size spray gun ....... Life has fgot a bit more complex having to buy paint & thinners & working out the mixing ratios, but all in .... applying the paint.... which is the trickky bit is a whole heap easier ..... I have found two pack laquer is fantasticly great at shruging off minor spills & dings...... But it has to be said if you buy a sensible standard colour for your wheels, you can obtain a touch up stick, for the times .... Well when you really don't want to start over with the offending wheel.

    Getting a paint match ? ...... I really wouldn't bother trying ..... Paint both wheels on the same side ..... Ah Voilla ..... Can't tell ...... The guys at St Helens auto paint will sort you out with whatever colour you want ...... But they don't really know what Saab use as standard TBH .....This is all a bitta tittling up ...... Umm yeah ..... Worth a mention ..... These guys will mix up a rattle can (Spray Can) of whatever colour you desire...... Be warned they can get dear (Custom colours)....... Me ... I buy a few cans of what I feel in the mood for when theys on cheap at my favorite motor factors ....... Each to his own I guess

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    Re: Refurb Wheels


    My Latest ..... I went from the Standard Silver to Silver Grey ..... On a Titanium Grey car ...... I like it ....... You mob ...... Well who knows


    I did this too! ........ Nay too shabby wiv my new Badging etc

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    Re: Refurb Wheels

    Well, I had a go at refurbing my wheels on the 9.3X. It was OK: bought the primer, topcoat and lacquer from Halfords and used my dremel to clean up the worst of the kerb rash but the alloy silver paint just didn't come up very well, even after several coats of lacquer. That was back in April but by last week I was sick of the look so I had them professionally done by The Wheel Specialists in Burton on Trent.

    Brilliant finish. Nice bright metalflake with lovely deep lacquer. Not too pricey and got a discount as a returning customer (they did our two RAV4s a few years back). Nice folks to deal with as well - highly recommended.

    Unfortunately I can't seem to load up a picture of the newly-refurb'd wheels!

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