Ju Jitsu or Karate

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Thread: Ju Jitsu or Karate

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    Question Ju Jitsu or Karate

    OK, so I'm thinking of taking up Ju Jitsu/Jutsu - I did Karate for about 6 months then gasve it up - it was just too sore, all this bone on bone training made me feel sick it was so sore, then I'd walk around like something out of Fight Club for days.

    Anyone done Ju Jitsu - is it better?

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    Re: Ju Jitsu or Karate

    Hi there,

    Your post makes little sense, I studied Karate and Judo myself, my 2 kids are national champions at Karate, they have been doing Karate for 18 months.

    What belt/grade did you attain in six months?
    What style of Karate did you study?

    Most schools will not allow anyone to take part in full contact (there are degrees of contact from light to knockout) Karate until they are Brown belts which will take a minimum 0f 3 years as an adult, longer if under 14. Even so you would be wearing full sparing protection

    All recognised schools will not allow a child or adult to take part in touch sparring 'Kumate' until at least a Green belt (possibly yellow in adults but not able compete and certainly not full contact!) which takes 18+ months to reach green belt. Touch sparring is just that, you touch. Minimum of gum shiled, sparring mitts and a 'box' (males only)

    I would be very surprised if a recognised club would allow this, lower grades do not have the training, nor skills to spar properly.

    I haven't studied ju jitsu so cannot comment on it.

    Karate/martial arts taught in a structured way by decent instructors is the key.

    My children study under Gursharan Sahota who is a 7th Dan black belt and runs TISKA - http://www.tiska.com/
    Strongly suggest that whichever school or style you take up you do your homework first, most clubs will offer beginner lessons in one way, shape or form so you can try it out first, if not probably not a good club.

    We do not stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.

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    Re: Ju Jitsu or Karate

    Thanks for the reply. Okinawan Gojo-Ryu was the style. Maybe it was the instructor, but it was the conditioning training that was the hardest, kicks to the inner thigh and the defence move (can't remember what it was called) that called for the sensitive side of your wrist bone to block a similar move from the opposing partner that I just couldn't handle.

    Just too sore....

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