Hi guys

We have just acquired a '70 V4, which we intend to use for a charity rally later on in the year. It is pretty scruffy, has been painted green with cheap paint, and doesn't go into reverse (I'm thinking linkage adjustment), but otherwise it does (Eventually) start and run, and underneath it looks pretty solid.

Anyway, question:

I've had the carb (FoMoCo) off to have cleaned, and we've spotted a hole that looks like it is supposed to have something in it. Standing in front of the car, it is in the rear left hand corner of the engine, on the top of what i assume to be the back of the block, but quite a long way down into the engine bay. Almost looks like it should be a mount bolt hole for something. Its quite big - I'd reckon 8-10mm across, with a shallow circular recess around the top.

A screwdriver goes a long way down into it with no resistance.

Any ideas?

Can provide photos tomorrow if its any help