Alright, I have been an appreciator of Saabs for a while, and just got my first one. An '01 9-3 SE Vert. I'm having some strange issues. Foremost among them is that the temp gauge is always sitting at the middle... Even after letting it sit overnight. I bought a new sensor and am going to put it in tomorrow, but i'm wondering if that is common or even heard of, for it to stick in the middle like that. My experience with coolant temp sensors is that their failures would show dead cold all the time... Is it normal for the fenders to get rather hot after driving on these cars? Another odd thing is the smoke. When I got it it had sat for a while, and I'm pretty sure there was standing water in the exhaust. After all the steam cleared, I am now getting a bit of oil smoke on revv. I re-torqued the cylinder head bolts, and pulled the plugs, they didn't show signs of water or oil leakage, and the oil didn't show signs of having water in it. Another issue is that it develops an oil leak, but not when it is running, but way after the engine cools. I have sat and laid under the car for over 5 minutes after it turned off waiting for the oil to drip, and nothing, but I leave it overnight, reverse, and there is a good ounce of oil left behind. I also notice the turbo gauge only reads up to about 50% at WOT. Is this normal? I remember on a Saab I had driven before the gauge went all the way into the red. This one only goes half way through the yellow. Something is telling me to blame the turbo... Is there a good way to test? I pressurized the cooling system to check for leaks... nothing. One last thing to my convoluted saab story... I am getting a P0453 and a P1312. I am almost positive it is NOT misfiring. I'll try the plugs and then go to the DIC, but the P0453, I'm not sure what to do about. I really hope you all can help me. I really like this car and I just want to sort it out!