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Thread: Audio install

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    Re: Audio install

    Doesn't it still require a tech 2 though?

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    Re: Audio install

    Yeah, its just a non-genuine version of that cable, save £40.

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    Re: Audio install

    sorry i know this is an old thread but i have the aux option but not the cable in the arm rest console. lookin at the original and the cheaper otion, the original has the proper female clip connector to fit in the console whereas the other non genuine version has just the male aux connection.

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    Re: Audio install

    If you purchase the genuine one you can't go wrong, oldbonesmcgee had reported poor sound through the cheaper cable.
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    Re: Audio install

    I'd go with the genuine one, no idea what was wrong with the one I got but it was poo, you could hear the sound (just) but it was definately not listenable to.

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    Re: Audio install

    I did the genuine aux in upgrade today and it was simple, managed to get 10% discount and got it for £46. Fitted it myself in the dealer's car park (taking 5 mins as I had removed the panels, the climate control unit and freed up the head unit at home before going) and then twisted their arm for a techy to come and set it up for me on their plug in computer thing. It is great, now need to sort out the speakers. I have already upgraded to 6x9 Alpines in the rear and some JL 3 inch 2 ways in the dash. Am going to go to my car music man and see what he suggests which I am sure will be cheaper than using the original 7 speaker amp1 upgrade. He has suggested an amp under the passenger seat and 9's in the doors, will let you know what I do

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    Re: Audio install

    The amp will be a tight fit under passenger seat and most likely your rear passengers will kick the connections, you can route the cables to the boot to avoid this or buy a very small amp - Vibe Litebox is tiny and is the only one I know off the top of my head.

    9's in the door? They will not fit without grinding part of the door off, the factory size is 6.5".

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    Re: Audio install

    hi got a 54 reg 93 tid want to add an amp have got the icm2 unit but ther is the stock saab amp2 connection in the boot can i use this connection to wire a speaker to rca convertor to or not plus wheres the best place to wire the amp remotes to install a vibe slick a0 2 channel amp to run vibe slick 6x9's and a vibe slick a7 to run 2x slick 15 subs i know i only need one rca convertor as i can use the rca out on the vibe slick a0 amp to feed the imput into the vibe slick a7 amp. have been told that if i wire the rca convertor to the stock amp plug i could blow the system is this true or not any help would be much apriciated
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    Re: Audio install

    Pictures of where to get remote on for amps here
    The kinda power you'll be running will require a separate feed from the front so there's no need to use amp2 connector
    As you have wiring for amp 2 I'm guessing you have amp1 fitted (under passenger seat) if so I would use the output of amp1 into a speaker - line converter (low - high impedance converter) for the audio
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    Re: Audio install

    Gonna have to read all this again, as I'm really finiki bout dash damage (Butter knife) ........ I have nail scratch marks on my glovebox opening button & they drive me shitless........ I'll tell you all about my mental disturbance re-Tech 2 & line in if you like ........ Via a written report .......

    Lets not get on about the cocky awful semi silver trim on the auto gear/function selector ....... Sheesh I'm beside myself bout that ....... Really I am ..... I mean ..... Whoooooooo The Fk ?

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    Re: Audio install

    HELP! I cannot find anywhere to ask a question, but this thread might be able to direct me. My SAAB radio died and I replaced it with a Pioneer unit, installed by a specialist. All of the audio warning sounds do not now work. Is there any fix to this?

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    Re: Audio install

    Hello mandal .
    This thread is over 5 years old and most of the posters don't come on here anymore
    I have started a new thread for you see below , if you coukd answers the questions I asked then we can help you , l
    Many thanks
    Paul .

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