Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

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Thread: Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

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    Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

    I've just arrived home with my new car a 2006 (56) Saab 9-3 TID 150bhp Vector convertible in very shiny black. I got the train down to North London and drove the car 430 miles back home to Irvine, Ayrshire in Scotland. Here is my review on my experience so far:-
    As it was a cold day we drove it all the way with the hood up. The car performed brilliantly, the 1.9L diesel engine was very powerful, especially at motorway speeds and the fuel economy was totally outstanding. The seats are very comfortable and the climate control kept the car at a very steady and comfortable temperature. At speeds over 70 mph there is only a very minor amount of wind noise and road noise was also minimal. The rag top has 3 layers so it's well protected from the cold and outside noises. On the B roads the car handled great and was very stable albeit a bit on the bumpy side at times. If I'm honest the Saab doesn't drive as well or have quite the same quality feel as my company car a brand new (basic) BMW 316 2L diesel, but overall with the Saab's level of equipment, comfort, economy, engine power and handling, I feel it's a close second and definitely outstanding value for money. I nearly forgot to mention the roof goes up and down very quickly and has great silky smooth electric mechanisim. It can also be operated at speeds up to 19 mph. A car I would recommend to all. A brilliant buy I think especially if you compare it to a 2006 Audi 4 convertible which is far more expensive.

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    Re: Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

    Welcome to the Saab Vert club.

    I've found the ride quality of both my Saabs are affected more by tyre pressure then any of the other cars I've owned. I cannot account for this at all but reducing the pressure by just a couple of psi makes my vert ride much more comfortably and I think it will reduce your 'bumps'.

    You can put the top down at temps down to -5 and if you read the manual you are actually expected on at least one day during winter to drive around, top down, heated seats on wearing a wooly hat when there is snow on the ground, it's a Swedish law apparently.

    Shouldn't be a problem in Scotland.

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    Re: Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

    Nice review goodfellow. I've had mines for 18 months and still love it.

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    Re: Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

    OVER the past six weeks, I’ve lost count of the number of times that people have commented on how tanned I look and asked if I’ve been on holiday.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t and have been sitting in the office helping to ensure that you get your fix of roadtests, while outside the sun has blazed away unremittingly, day after day.
    And yet, here I am with my ‘George Hamilton in Palm Springs’ look, which is entirely due to my new transport to and from work, a sun-trapping Saab 9-3 Convertible.
    The Convertible has been Saab’s most popular and highly-visible car for years, and does some very good corporate business, with up to half going to fleets these days.
    But this particular model is something entirely new. It’s the diesel version, launched earlier in the year and using the 1.9-litre 150bhp TiD turbodiesel unit which does sterling service across many of Saab and Vauxhall’s key fleet cars.
    In an ideal world, so Saab hopes, user-chooser company car drivers would flock to its heady combination of good looks, soft top, frugal diesel engine and low company car tax bills.
    But diesels and convertibles, despite the advances in engine technology that have softened the noise of a diesel, are still unlikely bedfellows.
    Many of the improvements in noise, vibration and harshness have come from insulation as well, and, of course, with the top down all that goes out of the window – literally.

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    Re: Saab 1.9 diesel convertible 2006 Vector review

    penlopehayek erm... I think if in the UK we drove around in the convertible with the roof down, we would be driving in a pool of rain water. It's certainly NOT convertible weather at the moment and it is extremely sould destroying! haha

    All the best

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