How vital is weather proofing the convertible hood ?

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Thread: How vital is weather proofing the convertible hood ?

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    Hi guys,
    Just wondering how vital it is to weather proof a convertible hood ?

    When I asked the dealer about treating it when I bought it they said do nothing, just keep it clean ??

    Have to say after all this heavy rain the last three days it 'snot like it lets anything through ? so they could be right.

    I see Elkparts have a deal on the Renovo stuff at the minute, quite expensive and my car lives outside so I couldn't prep it as recommended anyway I don't think.

    What's your general opinion guys ?

    Cheers ...


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    West Herts
    My 06 vert is also kept outside, and I regularly vacuum the roof, using the upholstery tool.

    I've had the car for over a year now, and have also used Autoglym cleaner and renovator. I was very happy with the result, but the problem is that i used a lot more renovator than cleaner, and they only sell it in a kit, with equal quantities of both.

    But Meguiars offer the two separately, so I'm going to try this next time

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    I wouldn't say its something you need to do that regularly; I have owned convertibles for most of my motoring life and have only owned a few cars for a long enough period to warrant me doing anything to the roof. On average I would say treat it once every couple of years depending on the age of the car e.g. if its old then I'd do it now as you don't know if its ever been done. However if the car is fairly new (as yours is) I doubt you really need to worry about it anytime soon, unless the colour has faded.

    The biggest issue is really appearance, if your roof is not a black as it once was, or has stains on it which cannot be removed with a simple renovator (e.g. Auto Glym) then you may want to re-stain it (Renovo is great for this), if you go down that route then you will need to retreat it with a weather proofer. However you don't need to spend a fortune on weather proofing products, I always just buy a tin of the stuff they produce for tents (Fabsil) and paint that on, its always worked a treat for me and dries without leaving any residue.

    My roof has some stains on it where the previous owner has folded it wet, apart from that it retains a good deep black colour so I am going to use the Auto Glym product to see if I can remove the stains, if not I'll paint it with Renovo and re-weather proof it.

    Hope that helps.


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    I had a vert for 6 years from new up until early this year. Never treated the roof - just kept it clean with a mild detergent usually weekly. Make sure you clean inside the edge "seam" or gutter part.

    Never had any problems with leaks - only thing I did have was getting the interior lining wet once and it left a small tide mark - explains why so nmany other verts have darker linings..........

    When I sold the car the roof looked great with only slightest hint of fold lines. Perhaps this was the time for "Renovo" to bring back as new.

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    Cheers guys, some good info and advice there

    Think I may get some Autoglym just to spruce it up as it has a couple of marks from when it's been folded damp ....... got to be done though when it's such a sunny morning and it's only slightly damp

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    Well I've just been out and bought the Auto Glym kit so will report back after the weekend (unless it remain dry tonight in which case I may have a crack at it) and confirm if it removes the stains from the roof - no point in us both lining Auto Glyms pockets if it does not work eh?!

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    Jun 2011
    Update: Cleaned my roof last night and the Autoglym stuff seems to have worked a treat, it has got rid of all the stains and even brought the colour back a bit. I took some before and after shots so will see if I can get the hosted this evening.

    Overall though if you hood is not badly faded and just has water marks on it then I would recommend this product. I did find I had to agitate the surface in some areas a number of times which wasn't fun in the humidity last night but overall I am happy with the result.

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