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Thread: Best wax or polish

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    P21S on top of Megs NXT2 for me. Being a wax it dosent stain plastic trim and its easy to apply/remove.

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    Saabisti 989000aero's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
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    Re: Best wax or polish

    Collinite super doublecoat autowax #476 Should last a year..

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    If you have some spare cash invest in a snow foam lance and pressure washer. The snow foam is great for lifting dirt off the paint work (Yes the pressure washer does alot of the work but the snow foam looks pro when it's going on).

    My Routine:
    Snow foam
    Rinse with pressure washer.
    2 bucket wash with micro fibre mit, top to bottom.
    Dry with chamois
    Polish - usually every other wash
    Wax with AG high def wax
    Wheels get foamed and rinsed but washed last then waxed, sealed and the tyres get dressed in Meguiars tyre dressing.

    Everyone has their own way of doing it and I'm far from a detailing pro but this method has always given me great results. If the paint doesn't feel smooth its always worth getting a clay bar and then polishing with SRP before waxing. I tend to use a mix of AG and Meg's products with Mirco fibre mits and cloths.
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    Re: Best wax or polish

    I used Dodo Juice Purple haze on my partners black Clio and the finish was amazing, the purple haze is meant for dark coloured cars.

    Looking to get the dodo juice orange crush for my car as it is somewhat lighter than black.

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    +1 on snow lance. I had a group buy going which you may want to look I to for here (my forum not me selling it)

    Along with the above I love Ziano on mine, some 3M on the glass and gold class megs in 1 of buckets. In fact my garage cupboard is like the car version of a tarts makeup box. The Wookie for body work wash mitt, a merkin for glass and a good alloy brush
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    Re: Best wax or polish

    Quote Originally Posted by Kontraband View Post
    In fact my garage cupboard is like the car version of a tarts makeup box.
    Kontraband me and you will get along just fine.

    What is this group buy on a foam lance? I want one but there is no link above?

    Have you brought a Metro Vac yet? Vac n Blo awesome piece of kit in stock on

    No more drying with towels

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    I didn't want to go dropping links all over your site with only a few posts... I hate spammers

    We had this deal running and showing as still running though to be fair I haven't checked up on its validity recently. I has been ongoing with us since Jun2009 and last post on it was 2011. Basically someone saying they'd seen the group buy, wanted it and some other kit and they got a better discount. The deets were basically

    Autobrite HD Foam Lance with your choice of connector , Strong 1 litre foam lance bottle inc a FREE 500ml bottle of Autobrite Super Snow Foam (dilution rate up to 200-1) for £39.99
    You could add more foam / different foam for additional cost. I bought it in 2009 and wash the car every weekend with it and its still working like the day I bought it so can certainly say its good quality. The image on their website now though has a red nossil and the one on mine is black.

    Ive seen the vacuum dryers... at first my reaction was my neighbours would all think Im nuts... however, Ive lived here long enough for that to have been confirmed when it comes to cars, so will have a look at that one. I dont have much issues drying as it use the hosepipe to dry and towel off the little bits left. There is enough wax on the car to slide away.
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    Re: Best wax or polish

    This is the Metro Vac -

    The power is insane on both vac and blo.

    I know that feeling lol, two days later you are still cleaning that car!!!! Erm yes. lol

    I haven't managed to hit mine up with a wax coat yet due to time and weather, wanted to get the correction sorted before wax coating.

    Have you got one of those hose attachments de-ioniser or something? I look at this and the water in my area is so hard that it would either not work or it would only work about 10 times before needing a replacement.

    This it here? -

    Or have you got a link directly to that deal, I want to buy one at the end of the month lol.

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    yeah, that's the one.

    The water here in Sheff isnt soft so no issues on the calcium build ups etc. This just fits directly into my karcher gun.

    Not sure if you do group buys here yet (not looked TBF) but may be worthwhile you tapping them up for SS. I'll DM you the info now because the group buys on the vagoc need you to have posted a certain amount first before access to the good stuff (and yeah, not just idle spam posts lol)

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    I would go with Bilt Hamber autobalm.

    It's not a wax but a sealant and it also masks swirls so 2 for 1.

    It leaves an excellent finish and is easy to apply, you can apply it while the car is still wet (ish) and it lasts for a very long time, also if you add extra layers it looks better and better and lasts even longer.

    It also has anti corrosion properties so it will help stop any stone chips turning to rust.

    Worth a try and relatively inexpensive.

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    I like Poorboys Blackhole Glaze followed by some nattys pastewax

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    Mar 2013
    Aberdeen Scotland

    Re: Best wax or polish

    I have used a few in my time, Blackfire is good stuff and I use Dodo Juice Need for Speed.

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    Aug 2011

    Re: Best wax or polish

    off topic a bit i bought some turtle wax professional leather cleaner / conditioner for my seats and come up nice alot better than expected about £15 for 5l off some valet company on ebay

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    Jan 2013

    Re: Best wax or polish

    You know I always had great resoults with Maguires Gold Class wax, It goes on and comes on nice and it puts a nice depth to the paint.

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    Re: Best wax or polish

    Finnish klare 2000p.


    EDIT: Image straightened. Jezz1

    Last edited by jezz1; 04-19-2013 at 11:11 AM.

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