17" Alloys to 15" Winter Alloys

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Thread: 17" Alloys to 15" Winter Alloys

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    17" Alloys to 15" Winter Alloys

    Evening all! I'm wondering this. I've purchased myself a set of 15" alloys with 195/65/15 tyres on them with the intention of swapping them for my 17s this winter. I've bought myself some winter tyres and they're in the post, and I've got to go and collect these new wheels on Monday. However, the question I'm asking is this: Will having this set up affect my traction control, abs, or anything. I went online at a visual tyre size calculator and found out that the wheels + tyres on my car at the moment (225/45/17) are almost exactly the same in terms of rolling radius, and wheel diameter. It doesn't even alter my speedo (or it does, but like a fraction of a mph).

    The alloys I've bought too are the 9-3SS base spec alloys. Just the boring 15" ones!

    Any thoughts people? Thanks in advance !
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    Re: 17" Alloys to 15" Winter Alloys

    Which variant do you drive and what size brakes do you have?

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    Re: 17" Alloys to 15" Winter Alloys

    As long as they fit you will be fine. Before you waste any money having the winters balanced on the 15's try and see if one of the 15" rims will fit your car - I have 16" rims on my 9-3 Aero TTID and they clear they brakes by 1" - not a lot of clearance but all is well. ABS & ESP should be OK I think your speedo will be out quiet a bit so just watch it - if you have a tomtom you'll soon know as this will show the speed calculated from gps and you can compare against your speedo.

    To be honest I'm running winter tyres and have switched from 225 45 18 to 215 55 16 and there isnt any noticable difference in the way the car drives all ESP & ABS are working fine, no problems with the traction control coming on by accident either. If anything It feels slightly more comfortable on the 16's but not a massive amount. It'll be worth doing if you get a drop of snow trust me. You'll have a right laugh driving with ease up iced hills in wales when everybody is stuck - I did last year in North Wales when my village was gridlocked and I took a short cut through a housing estate with my Conti TS830s on and what a breeze....

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    Re: 17" Alloys to 15" Winter Alloys

    Zohan: I drive a 9-3 Vector TiD 150. It's an 07.
    Virtualm: I've not got any 15" wheels to try and fit is all! I had a word with my local garage and they said that they'd fit, so I stupidly took that as a total yes without thinking haha. Well I went onto a visual tyre calculator and it said that it would be out by like 0.05mph at 30, so almost nothing! And yeah, I totally need winters, especially in my town where it is just one huge hill!!

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