C900 Convertible - Re-bonding of fabric hood to rear window

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Thread: C900 Convertible - Re-bonding of fabric hood to rear window

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    New Member, need some help cos' working on car tomorrow!!!

    I need to rebond the fabric hood to the rear glass window on my classic saab 900 (1993 model). Got myself some Sika221 mastic stuff (as recommended in another thread). Are there any guides on how to do this? How much of the window do i bond to, just the bottom edge or do i go up the sides? Pictures or diagrames are always useful.

    Also, currently any rain water getting down behind the window builds up and doesnt drain away. Eventually some makes it way into the car onto the rear parcel shelf. Been told to re-seat the metal strip at teh base of the hood by the spolier. Are there any drain plugs that need to be checked and cleaned. If so where are they and how do i get to them. Any other advice

    thanks for any and all help on this.

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    Full throttle mark e's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Leighton Buzzard

    First of all you need to pick a day with nice weather or do it indoors as you need the hood partially open- not a lot, maybe 2 foot or so just to relieve tension on the fabric. Alternatively you could unzip the panel I suppose.

    Using a thin nozzle, run a bead of the mastic all the way round underneath the fabric where it has lifted off. It should be stuck right to the edge. Take note of the required setting time (at least 12hrs IIRC) and do not be tempted to re-tension it until it has fully cured.

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    Ah, right on time. I was going to post a similar question in that the fabric at the bottom of the rear window seems to be away from the glass.
    A What/where is the place to get this magic Sika stuff and
    b Would this be the reason that water collects in the rear of the car after rain (like to-day)?

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    Well the stuff i got is "1 TUBE OF SIKAFLEX 221 BLACK POLYURETHANE SEALANT". Got it on ebay from codhead156 for about £7 all in. Came within 1 day and will let you know the results of the repair if the weather holds. Problem is that im not sure if sealing the window is enough to stop the water coming in! In my opinion the water can still get down behind the window and into the hood. I would assume that there must be a drain. My car has spent the lat 18months at the back of a field (before i got it) and all sorts of things could be blocking all kinds of holes (i have already cleared a small tree and furry animals from the rear foot well area!!)

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    Full throttle
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    Jan 2002
    You may just have a general deterioration of the waterproofing that could be cured by a good clean re-proof/restore. Auotglym stuff from Halfords/Renovo etc.

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    Already done that. Used the Autoglym product from Halfords, worked great. Took off all the mould and green growth stuff. Roof good as new to look at. Highly recommend.

    Biggest issue still the build up of water under the fabric below the window when it rains. this this is causing the leak into the car as it get fuller (deeper!!)

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    Full throttle mark e's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Leighton Buzzard
    The other area of weakness at the back is underneath the metal trim strip that runs at the bottom of teh hood- the one fixed with screws about every 6 inches. Undo that and see if there's anything obvious amiss.

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    Right, repair now done and looks good. To close this one out, this is how i did it which i hope will help others. Car ideally needs to be in a garage out of the rain and as the roof needs to ber left slightly open

    1. Open up the hood 2" or so to release the tension on the rear panel.
    2. Cleaned off as much old mastic from edge of fabric and glass as possible.
    3. Wiped down fabric and glass with water to remove dust/ dirt and make as clean as possible.
    4. Wiped over glass and fabric areas to be bonded with metolated spirit and allow to dry.
    5. Masked off window on line of where fabric hood will bond to prevent mastic overspill onto glass.
    6. Applied about a 6mm dia bead of mastic adhesive, i used SIKAFLEX 221 BLACK POLYURETHANE SEALANT, got it on ebay.
    7. Starting from the middle working out to both sides, cafefully and firmly pressed the hood fabric down onto the glass. I held it in place with duck tape every 6" or so. dont worry about mastic oozing out of the joint onto the masking tape. Found that this could easily be carefully removed with a sharpe stanley knife once it had cured. The only difficult bit to bond it the 1 1/2" of fabric that overlaps each end of the window. As its under the fabric, i just gunned in a blob of mastic, pressed the fabric down and put a heavy weight ontop to hold it down. seems to have done the trick if not the most elegant solution.
    8. Some suggest holding the fabric down with weights. Thought this may be diffucult as it would press on the excess mastic. Took someones elses suggestion to prop the rear window outwards with wooden battens between the rear or the rear seat and base of the window. did this at both ends and it helped keep the fabric flat on the window.
    9. Once done leave for at least 16hours (left mine 24hrs). Dont be tempted to fiddle with the mastic as this may kill the bond.
    10. Once fully cured, i took off all duck tape and cut off excess mastic. Seal is now holding well and very neat.

    Hope that this helps anone else doing this in the future. for the record, found my leak. It was a small tear in the inner lining.

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    Full throttle
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    Jan 2002
    Thanks for that!

    I'll add this to the sticky posts at the top of the forum.

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    Excellent stuff. I have now ordered some of the squidgy stuff from Mr. Codhead.

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    Found a successful way of reusing the glass in a new hood. Sheffield Trimmers made a slightly different window section, where the glass is encapsulated in an envelope, so it can be bonded on both sides, this was then sewn into a new hood.

    Note that bonding adhesive deteroiates when exposed to uv (sunlight). All excess adhesive should be cleaned off and where exposed, the glass should be blacked out.

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    Re: C900 Convertible - Re-bonding of fabric hood to rear window

    2 years on and still spot on!

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    Re: C900 Convertible - Re-bonding of fabric hood to rear window

    Hi there, im sort of in the same position. I have a 900s convertible which the rear window has almost fallen out. The vinyl that attached to the glass is completely brital and broken all round but the hood fabric and glass is all good. Is getting a replacement vinyl and re attaching a possibility?

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