cylinder/injector 3 open circuit error

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Thread: cylinder/injector 3 open circuit error

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    thought I must have the dreaded EGR problem with lumpy running and no acceleration. Replace EGR but no improvement.

    Diagnostics gave me above error. Any clues? New injector needed? wiring?

    Car is a saab 9-3 1.9tid 150. 05 plate with 60k miles.

    Any suggestions gratefully received....


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    Injector 3 problem. With the car running wiggle the connector to the injector 3 and the little bit of wiring you can get to. My guess is that the misfire will go when you wiggle it!
    The is a problem with the plugs going to the injectors and a repair kit with new modified plugs is available!

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    thanks Merv. Is repair kit from a saab dealer?

    just tried what you suggested. car started running ok for a few mins, then started misfiring/running on 3 cylinders again.

    its a relief that the injector may be ok and i just have wiring problem...


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    Yes the kit is from a dealer I can get you the part number in the morning. As it ran ok for a while your injector will be ok! It's a bad connection either in the wire itself or the plug.

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    Part number for the repair kit is 93189918

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    Your a star Merv thankyou. Will order in the repair kit...


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    Boght the wiring thanks Merv. Kit includes 8 wires. 2 each of four different thicknesses.

    I havn't got a clue what to do with the wires, nor did anyone in the local Saab dealers (Lookers Liverpool).

    I'm guessing they attach to the intectors. Other end is just a bare end. Any idea what to do with these wires? I'm guessing there are 2 for each injector and you use increasing thicknesses for 1,2,34??

    Thanks very much for your help....


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    My wife's 1.9TID 150 has this problem and is going in tomorrow to have the wiring kit fitted.

    My local non-franchised dealer had not come across this problem before but when he did some checking around he came up with the Saab technical sheet which detailed the symptoms and the cure.
    What caused me some confusion was that this problem reared its head only a few weeks after I replaced the EGR valve so although I felt certain the two faults weren't connected it was good to get confirmation that this was indeed the case. In each case no fault reading was present.

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    Picked up my wife's car today.

    The dealer was a bit miffed to find that each kit only did one cylinder, apparently Saab say that No3 is the most prone to problems so he did that one and it seems ok but he has ordered another 3-kits and will do the others when they arrive.
    Luckily the kits are cheap enough and fitting is very quick so there is no great expense.

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    Re: cylinder/injector 3 open circuit error

    Hello everybody,

    I have same fault with my car. But first time it was second injector socket, after my repaired it was stopped, 2 Days later it jumped 3 rd injector. But I cannot stopped this fault this time. For now the engine is working normally, the sound is fine, when I was driving through a ramp it is alive again and the fault eml light is coming on.

    Could you help me about this fault.

    I am concerning about mu car computer, is it possible about computer.

    Thank you


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    Re: cylinder/injector 3 open circuit error

    Hello! I have a 99 Saab 9-3 SE, I'm having a similar issue with my 3rd Injector's wiring harness and I was wondering if this part would still work for a non-TiD vehicle. I can't find any of the similar part that matches my car and year.
    I looked at 93189918 and it's for both the wrong years and specified TiD. I also found 15357996 but it's wrong year again, and I was also hoping for something for just one instead of all four.

    Thank you!

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