Alpine radio head and CD unit

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Thread: Alpine radio head and CD unit

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    I just got a Alpine radio head (CMS80-1, saab part number: 44 27 852) and CD unit (CDS80-1, saab part number: 86 71 455) from a k-reg Saab 9000 ('93) and want to connect it to my 9000CSE P-reg (Dec '96).

    The problem is that the connectors do not at all look alike.

    My own P-reg has one pink 10-pin receptacle connector and one grey 8-pin receptacle connector top connect the radio to (which was a Clarion head unit, saab part number: 45 18 924)

    The radio I just got in has one socket that has a slightly wider area where there are 2 slightly wider pins, and a narrower section with 4 slim pins. All pins are aligned in one row. Nowhere can I find any wiring loom or harness that looks like it would fit this radio.

    Is it simply too old? Does any of you have a wiring diagram so I can work out how to make my own loom?

    Thanks for any advice on this one!

    Nik C

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    There should have been a small patch cable that connects between the headunit and wiring loom. I have got the SAAB Service Manual covering the earlier audio systems so will try and figure out the pin outs on the rear of the unit.

    As for the pink connector, that goes to/comes from the underseat amp. I think you can still connect the Amp to the Alpine headunit.

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    Thanks, Pug205GRD,

    This small patch cable - should I ask the person that got me the radio for it? I got the radio with the bare socket on the radio only. The CD unit still has its connecting cables (a DIN for sound, and a 2 pin connectoro for power which conencts to a little loom hanging out of the radio unit).

    I didi not even know that there was an amp under one of the seats ... will have a look.

    So, - I need to find this patch cable, and figure out the pins of the radio as well as the existing connectors in my Saab...

    Nik c

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    Hello all - new registrant here. I've decided to make my first posting about this topic, rather than whingeing about some inexplicably harsh MOT testing on my 98 Anni which I've just been informed of by phone, and am feeling rather put out about.

    I've been trying to find out more about using the Saab amp beneath the driver's seat, as I bought my car with an aftermarket Blaupunkt fitted and replaced this with a Clarion: it does not appear to connect to the amp, nor does it sound like it. I did a Google image search for pics associated with Saab amplifiers, and found Nexxia Audio Solutions, who I've never heard of but appear to offer quite a lot of leads that, at first glance, look like they'd do the trick - four RCA phono plugs (I believe preamp outs are usually sockets) and a connector that looks like the pink one in the dashspace. I don't know if there might be a loom here which could help you - they do carry a few leads for the "classic" Saabs as well as current models.

    I'd be very interested to read anything further about 90s Saab audio systems, it's one bit of the car I'm unlikely to make worse by tinkering with it (unlikely, not impossible ).

    Cheers all, and once again, hello!


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    Thanks, Budget Red Baron,

    The patchlead tunrs out to be a false hope as teh car it came from is now n the scrap heap (forgiveable for a '93 model...)

    So I'll investigate this preamp under the seat and contact Nexxia for some cable advice ...

    I will keep you updated.

    Nik C

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    Apr 2009


    Hi BRB,
    After reading your question i am in the same boat, i think,
    I own a 9-3se 2.0t that did not have original stereo fitted so i got hold of an Blaupunkt(spelling lol) that had the 3 main conectors POWER(bottom),(middle)SPEAKERS and another connector(top).
    My car has the factory fitted amp(under seat) and disc changer in boot and would like to get these working, not bothered about steering controls, although would be nice,but dont what it will need or how much it will cost so if you hear anything,please let me know and vice versa.
    Cheers Greg

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    What with my car being disabled and probably in a few bits at the local repair shop, I can't get at it to have a look at the amp and try and figure out some things that might help those of us working on audio solutions. However, here are a few things I have found.

    Firstly, this diagram comes from a US website, so may not be any help at all, but it might turn out useful for someone (it is massive, but should resize in a few seconds):

    And here are pin references for ISO adapters. Seeing as these are pretty cheap, and could be adapted without too much difficulty using crimping, it may help:


    Pin 1 = Tel mute
    Pin 2 = Not Used
    Pin 3 = Not Used
    Pin 4 = +12 v Permanent supply
    Pin 5 = Auto Antenna
    Pin 6 = illumination
    Pin 7 = Switched +12v Supply
    Pin 8 = Earth -0v


    Pin 1 = Rear Right speaker +
    Pin 2 = Rear Right Speaker -

    Pin 3 = Front Right Speaker +
    Pin 4 = Front Right Speaker -

    Pin 5 = Front Left Speaker +
    Pin 6 = Front Left Speaker -

    Pin 7 = Rear Left Speaker +
    Pin 8 = Rear Left Speaker -

    So, nothing groundbreaking here, but a bit of handy information which might aid us thinking around our various issues.



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    Also, this topic from last year might help also be good reference material.

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    thanks for that! slowly we re pieceing together a picture of how things really work on these 'classics'

    BTW - I had a quick look under my car seats and all I coudl find / see / feel was some kind of box under each seat with wires plugged in that seem to connect the seat above. I suspect that they have to do with the seat heater and the sensor for the seat belts?

    But could not make out an amp; have to admit thought that it was really only a very cursory look before goint shopping. I think to take a closer look I have to insert my phone camera, or take the seats off....

    nik C

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    Budget Red Baron, that image looks like a Double Din headunit, not something that you would find in a 9000. Ive got loads of spare Audio Parts for 9000s and have installed and removed the Underseat Amp on more than one occasion. I would expect your Anni to have the underseat Amp fitted, if you have there would be a Pink connector floating about in the back of the dash.

    nik_c, Ive got the SAAB Service Manaul that covers the Alpine audio system. As soon as I get the chance I will go through it and scan anything relevant. Im still confused as there are only 6 connectors on the back of the Alpine unit? (Ive got an Alpine 2 piece system with a broken CD Player).

    If you are planning on fitting an underseat Amp then make sure you get the patch lead (the one with the fabled Pink connector) for it too. Its a bit of a pain to fit as you have to remove some of the carpet and trim to feed it under the seat. Ive got a couple of underseat Amps by the way

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    Yes, I've definitely got both the amp and the pink connector. What I'm curious about is the pins in the pink connector, as I think I need to either find the male equivalent, or cut it off, and graft on a set of phono plugs to connect to the sockets coming out of my head unit. Eight speaker and one yellow mute wire sounds absolutely standard, obviously I'd rather mate to a homebrew adapter than chop it off.

    Looking forward to a little under-dash foraging when the car comes back.

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    The Pink connector is for the Pre-Amp signals and they are twisted in their relevant pairs. Not sure if SAAB done something clever with the setup but Ive never heard of anybody hooking up a non-SAAB headunit to the Amp. To be honest, if youve got the Clarion 9903 headunit and either the Single CD or Multichanger in the boot then I would stick with that. What the setup lacks in volume it more than makes up for in quality and clarity. Its still loud enough to make the numberplates and wing mirrors vibrate though

    No idea where you would get the other side of the connector?

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    OK, To add some more images to this thread I have prepared a little album with what I got at this moment.

    It is here:

    It shows the 'new' ALPINE system (front and back) that I am trying to fit and the old radio front and back as well as the connectors I haver in the car.

    I have got the PINK 10 PIN, does that mean automatically that i have a preamp somewhere in the car (still have yet to look under the seatas for it; will post image as soon as I have a moment to do this...)

    Thanks Pug205GRD for your efforts - you seem to be an expert here! And if I can't find that amp and don't have it in the car yet, I might be interested in one of yours, if it can be fitted....

    Nik C

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    If youve got the pink connector then you have had an Amp in there at some point. If you have a pre-94 car but the Clarion 9903 I might just have an adapter cable stashed away. I built it to connect my headunit to my pre-94 car but then decided the original stereo sounded better anyway. Halfords sell the patch cables too but they always look the wrong way round to me!

    Have a good grope around under the drivers seat. You should find a small metal cage with slots cut in it. If you do then the Amp is inside the cage. If the cage and Amp is missing then you will find the wiring for the seats and a long connector with a hook on one end.

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    that was a fast reply ...

    I presume I must have the amp somewhere as the pink connector was connected to the radio?
    But I will double check in asap.


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