03 Aero - Drivers heated seat not working.

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Thread: 03 Aero - Drivers heated seat not working.

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    The drivers side heated seat isnt working, i've checked both the fuses in the boot as per the user guide (15 + 16, Drivers and Passenger) as i recall. The Passenger seat works lovelly according to my wife.

    Hopefully the plug has gone astray under the seat (both the back and seat dont appear to come on on any of the three settings), however i am unsure as to which of the many could be at fault. Does anyone have any keen advice/pictures/decsriptions to try and rectify this..?

    Thanks, Anthony

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    Saab Nut ambisaab's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Lancs uk
    I wonder if you have been experiencing a burning smell lately or a hot spot on your right thigh ! I have seen quite a few posts regarding the heated seats on our 93's and I think the most common problem is element failure... usually on the right hand bulster cushion. It may not be your problem but it is common ! Good Luck

    I replaced the heat pad on my seat and it only took about 2 hours

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    No i've not experienced anything however it has never worked, i've only had the car for about a week.

    Where can replacement pads be sourced from?

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    Saab Nut MWatts's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Whitstable, Kent
    I have seen a simular issue with seats not working before and it has been the connector from the Seat to harness under the seat its self have just come apart or lose where the seats gets moved backwards and forwards all the time when drives change over..

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    OK:- So i'll follow this course of action!

    1, Check the plug is in.
    2, Check the element.

    If someone can advise which plug i'm looking for (a picture would be great), i could test the indiction of the pad (without stripping the seat) on my multimeter and then (if showing signs of life/induction) test the output from the car end of the plug, checking the different voltages from the four settings (Off, low, med, high), then finally (and only if needed) plug the heated seat into a 5 amp varible worktop supply to test the pad - should get warm.

    If one of these doesn't show a fault, i'm stumped!

    Can anyone id the correct underseat connector for me...?

    Thanks, Anthony

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    Oct 2006
    West Midlands
    I'm just curious: do the three "on" settings produce different powers (so "three bars" gets warm quicker), or is there one power, and the three settings turn it off at different temperatures (so "three bars" continues till it's hotter)?

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    Typically these thing work on impedance, as the pad gets hotter the resistance increases, therefore the car can easily regulate the power to the seat on all three settings without the need for a termostat. However i dont actually know how these heated seats work (in seat thermostat or not?).

    I suspect that the setting three settings spit out three different voltages, and then regulate that voltage at a set point which inturn equals a heat. As the elements have been burning out, this would answer why we are seeing burnt butts, however IMHO before they get to that point the fuses should blow..... 15amp fuses seems high to me but its there to protect the car, not the butt!

    And pictures anywhere of the connector... i am reluctant to furtle with them blind as there are airbag plugs that shouldnt be messed with!

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    EDIT - I Meant Resistance not impedance!

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    Jan 2002
    Looks like we're another lot who have a burned out heated driver's seat

    She came home tonight saying that something smelled hotter than it should and the smell stopped when she turned the heated seat off...

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    Boo! Does anyone know where you can source new seat heat pads from...? I havn't tested mine yet - see above - but it might be useful to have a replacement heat pad available 'whilst the bonnet us up'!!

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    Full throttle
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    Jan 2002
    If it's a standard Saab part, it's always worth asking Elkparts for a quote. Even if it's not listed on their site thay can usually get the bit.

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    Elkparts just said i need to go to main dealer - Main dealer (Concept in Leamington) just said they cant help me without the VIN (which obviously i carry at all times!).

    Will ring them again tomorrow!!!

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    Heated seat elements = Seat = £28.35, Back = £18.47. Straight from SAAB Main Dealer.


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    Jan 2002
    Heater pads for front seats. Seem to be the same driver / passenger.

    up to VIN: ********31048251 Seat base - Pt No: 12 793 156. Backrest - 12 793 157

    from VIN: ********31048252 Seat base - Pt No: 12 802 148. Backrest - 12 802 149

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    Hi all, i've had a good furtle under the drivers seat today and cannot find lose connections.

    It would be really useful if someonce has schematic of the large DIN plug that takes all the electrics for the seat, heated seat, memory, electric movement etc.

    Does any one have a copy of the workshop manual to hand to help me out...?

    thanks, Anthony

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