2003 Aero and PCV mod

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Thread: 2003 Aero and PCV mod

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    Slowly going through a series of issues with my 2003 Aero estate, which I want to hold on to for some time.

    The PCV issue seems to have slipped through my fingers - despite having a full Saab SH, the latest PCV mod has not been done - no T-piece on the filler neck. Incidentally the car was serviced in Germany in 2006 - about the time of the last release.

    When doing the research before buying the car, I understood that Aeros generally don't have the sludge problem because they had fully synthetic since new - it was a factor in choosing an Aero (and paying the premium) above other variants.
    Having now read through the Angry Kitchen Appliances info. on the early PCV mods, it worries me that I have purchased an engine with inherently flawed crankcase ventilation, and only the last of the line, MY2004 engine mods sorted it.

    My car has had oil changes every 6-8000 from 20000 miles, which I guess helps matters.

    Main question is, what urgency would others put on doing the PCV mod? I have an oil change to do in the New Year.
    The car does use a little oil (maybe 250ml every 6000 miles).

    Two other related questions.
    1. I don't understand the exact relationship between crankcase ventilation and sludge build up - could someone explain?
    2. In the Angry Kitchen Appliances website diagrams, the valve cover gases can go either into the throttle body, or into the turbo inlet pipe. I take it in the latter case, they are not burnt, but exit through the exhaust. I don't understand - I thought the system was there to contain emissions, not dump them to atmosphere.

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    In regards to question 2, the crankcase gases are drawn into the compressor side of the turbo and thus are sent into the intake and burnt in the combustion process. I've just completed the latest PCV mod and it is easily done.

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