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Thread: Cheap Bodges

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    Don't know if this counts but I put a bulb in the left hand rear fog light earlier as it was missing.

    Presume they are without the bulb from factory?

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    Inspired by this thread in the 9-5 forum, I encourage all 900 and 9-3 owners to share their quick fixes.

    I'll start with my top-tip: when your ACC cabin air temperature sensor fan gets noisy, pop it out and replace it upside-down. It'll give you another year or so of quiet motoring .[/b]
    Rather than reinstall the fan upside down (as I'd imagine there's a logical reason it's installed a certain way), pull out the fan assembly (it comes out from the back of the panel, the front guard pops out forwards and both heated seat buttons + blanks will need to come out), disconnect from loom and prise apart the fan boddy from the housing. Using a damp cotton bud, clean up all the dust and [expletive deleted] which has built up over the fan blades and spindle over time. Spray the locating points of the spindle, and the point where the fan sits with some form of PTFE or Teflon lubricant. reassemble, connect to loom, cover with tissue and switch ignition on. This'll fling any residue/excess lube. Refit to car - voila, quiet fan.

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    Hi Saab guys, not sure if this one is recorded yet...... but here you go.

    This will save you £50.....

    ACC error code 02..

    This one probably means that the flimsy little pcb board in the sensor next to heated seat switch, has snapped on one side, creating an open circuit.

    I got my guitar tutor to use his soldering skills to help. here is the fix.

    1. Remove the blank switches or heated seat switches, reach through and up and gently push out the ACC control panel - NOT the sensor.
    2. Do not disconnect the ACC Control module, not nessesary. Just let hang to one side, this gives you loads of room to remove the sensor.
    3. Unplug the sensor, then remove the front cover, now remove sensor - it comes out backwards, the top and bottom clips on front should be pushed gently in and wiggle it back and away.
    4. The sensor can now be removed from the dash, make sure it is unplugged. the fan will still spin after engine and ignition is OFF!
    5. Now, firstly clean that fan, it will probably be full of dust, use a paint brush and when it is all nice and clean add a tiny-winy bit of lub to the spindle. (No more squeaking!)
    6. On the front of the exposed sensor you will see a green PCB board with only two connectors, In and Out of the little resistor thingy.
    Notice that the PCB board is cracked or broken on one or both sides.
    7. First job is to un-solder the little wire on the broken side of the board and move it away.
    8. Use a good, appropriate glue to repair the pcb board and allow to dry and become a nice solid fit again.
    9. Now simply add an extra 1" piece of wire to the already removed wire and solder it directly to the same side of the resistor's wire
    , ON the wire, NOT the resistor itself.
    10. When all is secured and solid, tuck extra wire in, notice the recess, make sure it is NOT touching the fan.

    Now gently, very gently reassemble and reconnect.
    You may have to fiddle about so that the front cover fits nicely too.

    Once all the dash and ACC controller is back in Start engine and run dianostic again, (AUTO+OFF)and the 02 error will hopefully be gone, (if no further errors display will be 0)Now you can spend the saved £50 on flowers for your long suffering Saab-Widow wife.


    1st post- feedback?

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    Great tip with the ACC cabin air temp sensor. That had been annoying me for some time so had a go at replacing upside down. Took 10 mins and is working well again. Thank you![/b]
    i will second that brilliant

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    I've just done this "repair" myself - seems to have done the trick.

    Realistically cannot see any way of doing this other than to take the side panel off, push the sensor unit through the panel, rotate 180 then push it back through

    Taking the side panel off it the time consuming bit, but beats a replacement sensor at £50+ plus
    just remove acc control unit just lever it out with blunt object then remove ash tray you can then remove the two plastic blanks one on each side then remove sensor by inserting a flat blade screw driver at top or bottom retaining tag and it pops out then clean dust out of fan with a kids art brush oh remeber to see which way the sensor is in dash then replace upside down easy.........

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    Re: Cheap Bodges

    If your indicator and wiper stalks are a bit loose, it is probably like mine due to the plastic casing of the switches becoming loose in the aluminium brackets after years of use. Simple fix to stop them moving was to remove the cowl around the switches (3 screws) and remove the switches. I used a bit of plastic (cut from a Carte D'Or ice cream container) cut to fit inside the groove on the top of the swithes (about 3mm wide and about 15mm long). Remove the switch from the bracket, hold the bit of plastic inside the groove so it is between the groove and the bracket iand push the switch back in so the plastic is trapped between the groove and the bracket, taking up the slack. Both switches are now solid as a rock with no free movement before they operate.

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