I would value soem helpful comments.

Now on my third 9000. This CD XS 93 auto looks good but runs ... well it will if you wind and wind and wind it up. Seems to have lost its compression which is a mighty shame after just having the head planed and valves done. All to do with a heater hose depositing contents of cooling system onto the A14 somewhere near Cambridge. Funny thing is we did not notice a thing, without any water in the system the temp. guage did not even register abnormal, then there were some clattering heralds of doom for the B202.

So I'm not going through all that head stuff again. I have found a 2.0 204S engine (turbo) c/w gearbox attached. Now did he say auto? I think so cos my gearbox is bit iffy and one lump to change sounds easier than splitting it.

Will it fit? What extra bits do I need (ecu I presume)? Can I run the turbo engine non turbo with existing ecu?

Oh and why were my two earlier 9000i engines sitting square in the engine bay and the one in the CDXS slants down hill towards the gearbox. I have not read anything about this change in design, something must be very different low down for everything to match up.

So for now it's back to my trusted 240k 900i which I had to do the Cv joint on this morning before going to work (shepherds get up early don't we?)

Look forward to your comments.