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  1. Re: What do you carry in your "Spare Parts / Emergency Kits"?

    Thanks Zohan - I would not have thought to carry a couple of those items. Do you (or anyone else) not carry spare "parts" like the DI cassette, etc.? Things that, suppose I were in the middle of...
  2. What do you carry in your "Spare Parts / Emergency Kits"?

    Hi everyone,

    I've read a few posts here and there with suggestions like "I'd carry a spare DI cassette in your trunk" and I'm curious; what else do you guys like to keep with you in case of...
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    Re: New Saab Badge

    I think it's really interesting McGee; if I'm correct in assuming, the badge references a jet and I think it works.
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    Re: AUX 1999 Saab 9-5 SE

    Hi Mitch,

    I'm looking to do the same thing and for our era cars (1998-2002) they seem to be very hard to find. I did find this however,...
  5. Re: Saab Sold to National Electric Vehicle Sweden

    I'd love to see a hybrid or all-electric version of the old hatchbacks!
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    2000 9-3 Key Fob Remote

    Hi guys,

    A 'torpedo' shaped key fob came with my 9-3 that locks/unlocks the doors; the previous owner said it stopped working on him. I swapped the battery and still no luck. Are these prone to...
  7. Re: 'Lopey' Oscillating Rough Idle + White Smoke

    Thanks Vincent,

    According to maintenance records from the previous owner, at exactly 6,000mi ago the following was done "Replace cylinder head gasket - reseal timing cover and do TSB". Not sure...
  8. 'Lopey' Oscillating Rough Idle + White Smoke

    Hi guys - I'm a brand new Saab owner; just bought a 2000 9-3 SE automatic and it seemed to be in excellent shape. There are a few issues which seem minor but the most concerning is the idle. I've...
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