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    Poll: Fulll engine overhaul checklist?

    My 1999 9-5 Aero (150k miles) has started making tappetty noises on start up which my local non saab garage thinks may portend the big end is going, so I've booked it in for him to investigate. If it...
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    Re: Best replacement wiper blades?

    I have these too, excellent.
  3. Radio and iPod overhaul; Medium wave gone; Digital radio

    The radio in my 2000 9/5 has suddenly lost its medium wave, it now just offers LW and FM. Does antone know if this is fixable?

    Can the radio in my car be replaced with a 3rd party one without...
  4. Re: Seriously thinking of changing the 9k Aero for a 9-5 Aero

    [quote]Originally posted by Diplomat2.6:
    [QB] I have had a 9-5 Aero for a year and have yet to find anything about it that comes anywhere near close to BMW's E34 5 series (1988 to 1996) or...
  5. Intermittent brake light outage problem (2000 9/5 Aero)

    My drivers side brake light persistently outs - doesn't blow the bulb, and the other 2 lamps in the 3 lamp cluster are fine as are all 3 on the other side. Thye wiring looks in good condition....
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