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  1. Re: Saab 9-5 heated, ventilated, electric memory seat wiring diagrams

    Louis, Do you still need this info, as I may have some of it.


    Dave F
  2. Re: FREE black leather heated and vented seats - from Saab 9-5 Griffin

    Hi Bob,

    ive still got one, it’s a dark wood trim but there’s no ashtray with it. I think it’s for the earlier model, I’ll have to check again.

    Thanks for asked. Feeling MUCH better thankyou,...
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    Free ventilated seats

    I’ve got a set of black heated and ventilated black leather seats from a 2005 95. I bought them to retro fit my 09 Saab but gave up as it needed an upholstery swap. Then swapped the car for a Lexus. ...
  4. FREE black leather heated and vented seats - from Saab 9-5 Griffin

    All gone now sorry - bar spare gear lever surround Bob!

    Contact Dave on 07941 721168 or via [email protected] formore info
  5. For Sale; SAAB 9-5 2.3 HOT 2009 Auto Turbo Edition estate, Sunroof.

    Car is now SOLD. Vented seats still available, free to collector, no pictures available as they’re buried in the garage. Private sale, Selling due to impending retirement, so need something a little...
  6. Thread: 9-5 Vented seats

    by 56Doc

    9-5 Vented seats

    I'm trying to work out how to retro fit some Pre 05 vented seats to my 09 estate. The wiring bit is easy apart from the fact that I can't figure out where the ballast resistors are to get the...
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    Re: 9-5 auto gearbox problem

    I've had a couple of Audis with the same auto box and they reccomend changing the oil every 40k. My 09 9-5 2.3 HOT auto now has 120k on it, the oil has been changed at least twice (once by previous...
  8. Thread: Newbi

    by 56Doc


    Hi folks, just bought a 2009 2.3T estate auto, couldn't find a manual with a sunroof, so may live to regret the extra cost! It's very smooth though but a bit down on overall performance from the Audi...
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