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  1. How to make a fiber optical loop yourself!

    Due to reasons (30$ shipping to norway) to actual buy a fiber optical loop so i could replace the CD unit i figgured well, how hard can it be? So checked around home for some usable junk. I found one...
  2. Questions about upgrading to aftermakred on a 9-3

    Hello lads! I got a 2003 9-3 with the infamous hard to swap stereo. So i got a couple of questions!
    I was thinking of just pulling the cd player portion and installing it there, keeping the original...
  3. Workshop wants me to pay 500 bucks for 10 min job!

    Hello, fresh norwegian here! Asked for lokal workshop how much i had to pay for them to unlock aux option in head unit. Nothing else. Bastards dared to ask for 500 bucks for 10 min of job. So i...
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