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: (000 Cruise Control

10-21-2000, 06:54 AM
I was to understand that the cruise control switching was located on the left hand indicator stalk. I have just bought a 9000 CDE 2.3 (1996) and there is no such control. Was it a standard fitting in that year? or controlled elsewhere?

10-24-2000, 09:01 AM
I have a 1996 2.3T CSE and was a bit disappointed to find it didn't have cruise either. It was standard fit on earlier years for the turbos and I think for the "E" models but by 1996 was an optional for all variants except probably the Aero which has everything but the kitchen sink.
The same goes for the electrically operated seats which were standard on previous years but were an optional extra by '96. All part of the GM bean counting I suppose - even the under bonnet lamp has disappeared.

10-24-2000, 02:17 PM

Many thanks, yes i noticed the missing under bonnet light, although it never worked on my previous 9000S!

10-25-2000, 07:33 PM
The underbonnet light does not work if you simply operate its switch - the sidelights have to be first.

10-26-2000, 02:07 PM
Yes, I know. It still did not work, switched on or off, side lights on or off.....still I have sold my 9000S and bought a 9000CSE...no problem with the engine light at all.....it has not got one!!!!!!