Hi Team,

I picked up a 2004 9-3 Aero Convertible for a few pennies the other day. Other than a few niggles which i'm working out, she's in very good nick for a 14yo car!

One area i'm unable to find much info on is roof adjustments. The roof is in perfect condition, only one niggle with the closure.

When raising/closing the roof, everything is great until the 5th bow (i think), the one with the locking mechanism that meets the windscreen. The hooks that lock it to the top of the windscreen are misaligned by mm's, they are actually fouling on the front of the lock assembly, hence they and the lock cannot engage without a little tug from me to seat the hook.

To me it looks like the locking hooks need to be moved back literally a few mm's, or even slightly bent so they guide in better. However i don't wish to mess around until i get some guidance from you lovely lot (aka the Saab Oracle!). There may be a simple fix i'm not aware of.

Cheers, Ant