The delights of Miller Light

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Thread: The delights of Miller Light

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    The delights of Miller Light

    I didnt know which section to put this story into so please feel free to move it if its in the wrong spot..

    The following story is absolutely true with no embellishments..
    Once upon a time many moons ago I owned a VW Golf Tdi..
    At that time if I remember correctly the oil changes were every 10,000 miles.
    The car was bought from a main VW dealership and so was under the warranty which meant I could not officially tinker with oil changes etc..

    I was introduced to Millers Diesel engine oil by a friend who really sung its praises. In those days Millers did not make petrol engine oil. In fact some of you may be familiar with the fact that originally they only made oils for juggernauts.

    Anyway even back then I was into changing the engine oil and filter at half the recommended intervals..
    So with the VW I would have the main dealership official service and then after 5,000 miles I would do my own secret service and not tell them (using VW oil filters obviously)..
    From the very first time I used the Millers fully synthetic I was extremely impressed with just how much more smoothly the engine ran.. Noticeably better than on the original oil

    I was due to have my 2nd “official” service and so booked my Golf in with the main dealership in Morecambe Lancs..
    I thought I would try to get them to use the Millers oil in my car so I took a 5 litre can into the VW place and asked if they would use it for their service on my car. The Workshop foreman looked at the specs on the can and agreed it was “well up to spec”

    Now do keep in mind that the car had 5,000 mile old Millers oil in it (Unknown to the dealership)..
    I was lent a courtesy car and went off to work some 20 odd miles away in Blackpool.. I was to collect the car later in the afternoon just before their closing time (obviously).

    When I returned later I paid the bill and jumped in the golf and drove off..
    Less than a mile down the road I thought “This seems coarse”..
    I then said to myself “I wonder….”
    I turned around and headed back to the dealership just as they were pulling the shutters down..
    The foreman asked what the matter was and I said “Did the mechanic use the Millers oil?”
    He said “Hang on a minute” and of he went into the workshop..
    2 minutes later he returned with the unopened can of Millers and a red face..
    He apologized and said “The mechanic was in auto pilot mode and just used our own oil”..
    I took my can back off him and told him not to worry..
    The point of this story is that if its Bull that one oil can be better/smoother running than another then how did I know that they hadn’t used the Millers oil I had supplied, and why did I turn around and confront them?
    Remember the 5,000 mile old Millers oil was smoother than the brand new VW oil !!
    Here endeth my sermon

    I have NO connection with Millers and NO relatives work for them...
    I have posted this story because it may be of interest to Diesel car owners..
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    Re: The delights of Miller Light

    Exactly the reason why I now do all my own oil/filter changes. Effectively, I don't trust garages to put in the right oil or indeed to use the correct filters. Plus, when I do it, it only costs £25 and I know the job has been done properly.

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    Re: The delights of Miller Light

    I buy oil in Halfords every Christmas / New Year when it is on ridiculously good offer. £12 for 4 litres fully synthetic so I buy as much as I think I can get past Mrs P @ K. ( Usually 5 or 6 ) I'm not particular about filters and buy mine from my local Motor Factors at £2.50 a shot so £14.50 every 5 - 6000 miles is a HUGE advantage over any garage, and, as you say - You know the job has been done properly.

    Paul @ Kippen.

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    Re: The delights of Miller Light

    The only reason I mentioned about using genuine oil filters, is that I have in the past bought what I thought were a good 'bargain' aftermarket oil filter only to find it either didn't fit correctly, or the quality control on it was so poor, that at the following oil change, it had quite literally disintegrated in use. For the sake of an extra couple of quid, I'll go genuine every time. It's cheaper buying in bulk, and for my own application, this deal works out at just £4.33 pence each inclusive of postage.

    Bear in mind that some dealerships might charge you £12 for a single filter should you have an oil change done with them, then you can see just how much profit gets shoved on stuff.

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