TTiD boost pressure control valve

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Thread: TTiD boost pressure control valve

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    TTiD boost pressure control valve

    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering if someone can help. I think I mentioned previously that my Dad has the same 93 as me and he's having an issue with turbo boost low down the rev range. He's convinced it's a PCV that's the problem as it's an intermittent fault. I know it could be more than that, but I guess if it's cheap enough it worth a shot. He's asked me to look into the cost of a new PCV because if it's cheap enough he'll try changing it and see if that makes a difference. However because it's a TTiD would I be right in saying that there are two?

    Anyway if someone could help with part numbers and possible sources it would be greatly appreciated. I've had a quick look online but i'm not really able to find anything, but that could be down to me feeling a bit under the weather today.

    Many thanks if you are able to help.
    SAAB 93 TTiD Aero MY08
    SAAB 900 Aero S LPT with FPT conversion MY92

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    Re: TTiD boost pressure control valve

    Ok, so I managed to figure out the part number and got a replacement one. It was a used part however but it was cheap so worth a punt. I installed the replacement BPC valve and it turns out the one for the small turbo was the problem. Once the new one was installed the power was back. We took it for a spin down the motorway and it was great, with one exception. When accelerating hard in 5th or 6th gear he was getting the restricted performance message. I just put it down to the codes not being cleared so we did that once we stopped and I said to him to see how he gets on over the next few days.

    Haven't seen a lot of each other since as he's a busy man, however he's away on holiday at the minute and he's left the car with me to look after. I took it out for a spin the other day and I noticed it's low on power again like it was before. With the new part being a used one I can appreciate that it might not be reliable and i'm happy to source another one. However before I throw more money at it I was wondering if there is something else that can cause these to fail?

    If it helps, I also notice if you try and accelerate hard like for overtaking on the motorway the car tries to pull back on the power which is scary when trying to manoeuvre into fast moving traffic. You have to reduce the amount of throttle to try and gain some power back. Perhaps an over boosting issue?
    SAAB 93 TTiD Aero MY08
    SAAB 900 Aero S LPT with FPT conversion MY92

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