Whining sound when engine revs

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Thread: Whining sound when engine revs

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    Whining sound when engine revs


    I recently had my water pump and associated chain replaced at an independent garage. They did something incorrect with balancer shafts and whole car shook, although they corrected the problem so that's good. However, now I have noticed a whining sound that seems to be associated with when the engine revs higher when driving. It sounds almost like an electric motor sound. I thought it just needed to bed in but the automatic chain tensioners should see to that. A mate said it might be the chain guides rubbing on chain. Nevertheless it ain't right. Any of you folk got any ideas before I take to garage. It's quite annoying. Cheers

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    You could open it up and check but I would send it straight back to the garage. Chain related is usually vibration or rattle. Whine could be pump, pulley or belt.

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    Re: Whining sound when engine revs

    Could it be the belt tensioner on the main belt?

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    Belt? I was under impression it's chain driven pump. I have an aero.

    I will give them a call. It's most unusual. I also thought the tensioners were automatic

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    Re: Whining sound when engine revs

    What they mean is the tensioner for the alternator / air con belt , known to cause noise if failing .
    You can remove the belt then see if noise disappears .

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    Sorry I am not familiar with mechanics. This wining sound started after the repair. Are you saying the two are linked?

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    Re: Whining sound when engine revs

    You could try spraying it with belt grip.

    Can will cost about £8 from a well known auction site.

    Spray it on, if the sound does not go it should certainly change............ if it is the drive belt.

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    Not sure if I was clear. It's the water pump chain that was replaced. What's this talk of a belt

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    Re: Whining sound when engine revs

    Auxiliary/alternator belt

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