OPCOM Reader Recommendations

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Thread: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

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    OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Hi, I currently have an ODBII reader for my car which has been useful on a few occasions with generic errors and resetting them.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent OPCOM reader as I like to be able to interrogate the fault codes a little further (only generic faults show up on the ODBII readers) as well as using it to give info on the DPF and forcing a region if necessary etc.

    Is there anything I should look out for/avoid?

    I'm basically after something as close to a Tech 2 as possible
    Any info greatly appreciated

    If any help, it's for a 58 plate TTid Aero 9-3
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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Really there is not anything available that will do the same as tech 2 ( I'e programming, removal and adding features )
    There are " China clone " tech 2 available , I think CJAPETERBROUGH brought one and uses it ,
    He would kniw more about that ,
    As far as op-com I think the early 9-3ss they would connect with ( using GM based Saab as a platform, then using the same engine that you would find in an equivalent GM car ( I'e vectra , zafira etc ) as the engine platform)
    I used it on my 2003 2.2 9-3 and my 2005 1.9 9-3 .
    But have not used it on my 2008 1.9 9-3 ,
    With yours I don't know if Vauxhall use that engine z19dtr
    Though somebody may kniw more
    One caution Avoid the China clone Op-com , and make sure it comes with the proper lead ,
    Cheapness is not always good economic sense .
    There's a chap on that we'll know auction site he sells the whole lot for about £35.00 .
    But he dose include support and knows his stuff ,
    A bit more expensive, but he will be able to guide you right ,

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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Thanks Paul,
    Thats useful for me as well.
    From my recent knowlege build up I dont think Vauxhaul use the TTiD engine in their models.
    I too am considering a "Decent" Chinese copy.

    All the best for the new year


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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    All the best to you too Simon .
    Coming from a GM background (5 vectra B,s ) and a member of VVOC .
    I've been using op-com for years and it was not till I got my first Saab that I found out it worked as a code reader and diagnostic tool on them to .
    It dose do a lot ( measuring blocks , live readout of functions, testing certain components)

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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Hi Paul....
    My statement regarding Vauxhalls not doing the TTiD model comes from when I was phoning around to have the cam belt and water pump done. I phoned a Vauxhall main dealership in Preston and spoke to the servicing department. To be fair to them they seemed very knowlegable and commented that the do work on a fair few Saabs. He commented that they Vauxhall range only use the single turbo 1.9 .
    So I remembered that comment.
    In the end I went to a well respected independent Saab specialist in Kirkham which is only about 12 miles from where I live.
    I must say I am really enjoying the car..
    When I first got it, it wasnt very good on start up and seemed to run a bit rough...And the windows misted up like hell when you first started it..
    I then discovered she had been parked up for 2 months in the wind and rain..
    Ive owned it now for about 5 weeks and its totally dry inside.. She doesnt mist up at all and she starts 1st time every time very well indeed.
    Most diesels I have owned (including 5 mercs) I dont touch the throttle at all when starting from cold..
    However, on this car I have learnt that if you depress the throttle about say an inch as you crank it over it starts MUCH easier.. Obviously you release the throttle as it fires so the engine doesnt scream when cold..
    I know this isnt rocket science but for this car it makes quite a difference on cold starts.


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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    OPCOM is very good, even if you have a TTiD. As mentioned above it will be able to do a bunch of stuff, including DPF regen and reset, as well as read all the detailed DTCs which standard OBD readers wont pick up. Just select Vectra C or Zafira B from the menus option.

    Simon - I'm not surprised that a Vauxhall dealer doesnt know their own engine range. The Bi Turbo insignia is a twin turbo set up much like the TTiD, but next generation/version.

    Regarding start up, I would question why you need any throttle. Modern engines, diesel or petrol, are designed to start only on key turn. I have never needed to press the pedal and have instant start. If it's slow to turn over and start there are two things that will fix: 1. new battery. Get old one tested properly before you buy a new one though. 2. Starter motor. The brushes wear out on these and general gunk inside reduces current flow significantly. You can DIY change the brushes (available on ebay for a tenner) and clean out, it's very easy. You'll see a massive difference in start up.

    Blipping the throttle at start risks running the engine with low oil pressure/flow which will cause excessive wear.

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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    As Raj says thease diesels start without intervention of throttle .
    Dose your temperature gauge reach normal ( half way ) within 15 minutes?
    Another thing to do is cycle the ignition a couple of times from cold start . ( I'e turn ignition on , wait till glow plug light goes out , turn off then on , till glow plug light goes out , and start ) to see if that improves .
    See the temperature sensor for the relay , is built into the thermostat housing , ( green plug )
    I for one knows that my thermostat requires changing. ( gauge don't reach temperature for long time , and poor cold start ( takes about 3-4 cycles to start )
    But as always with me my body don't like the cold , but I'm getting it sorted .
    And as raj says if it's slow , could be starter, or battery .

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    Administrator aerojon's Avatar
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    Nov 2009

    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Vauxhall did not use the TTiD engine it was saab only
    My 9-3 audio,2 x cd changers,aux-in & Bluetooth audio streaming..

    Is still running Factory oe coils with a tune..

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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Hi All,
    My car had a new battery at the time of the mega service / cam belt / water pump / alternator belt / rear bake pads etc, etc..
    It seems to wiz the engine over at a decent rate of knots..
    Car has now done 75k so I wont be too annoyed if she needs a starter motor soon..
    The engine barely revs using my method because the very second she fires I lift my foot off.
    Just lately I am doing it less and less since I am assuming the car very regularly use is blowing out the cobwebs.
    Remember before I bought her she was outside for 2 months in the cold and rain (all unloved)...

    Paul, my temp gauge goes exactly on the half way mark.. Lately with the outside temp at around 2 - 3C it may have taken it 4 or 5 miles but it does warm up properly. Since my regular use its getting better and better..

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    Re: OPCOM Reader Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by aerojon View Post
    Vauxhall did not use the TTiD engine it was saab only
    Wikipedia is a good source for engine info. Scroll down to 1.9 and 2.0 multi jet.


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