Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

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Thread: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

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    Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    Hi All,

    9-5 1.9 Vector auto, using windows vista laptop
    op com software is latest version 150406b

    I am at a bit of a loss. I have a normal OBD reader which I use with Torque and it does the job.

    I invested in an opcom however as it does more and I want to regen but I am having connection issues.

    Initially it wanted to be activated, so I slapped my details in and it said Ok thanks like (or words to that effect)

    next I tested the device and got this message
    Firmware version V01.60
    interface test ended successfully.

    I then go in and select diagnostics, scroll down and select GM based Saab, Select 9-5 but when I try to get it to do anything it is looping in the 'Diagnostic connector' popup with the following message
    "Checking interface.......
    Error: Interface not found

    Please connect the interface to the usb etc....

    In the interface type within settings, I have tried all 4 different options, (revision C,C+ then the same for b D & A

    I am at a loss as to what is going wrong, as I know the car is fine as the other unit works. The interface is connecting to the laptop unless I try to get anything done, when it just gives the error.

    Any help appreciated.

    Last edited by aerojon; 09-13-2016 at 02:10 PM. Reason: changed vectra to vector

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    Nov 2009

    Re: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    what yr is the 9-5..
    My 9-3 audio,2 x cd changers,aux-in & Bluetooth audio streaming..

    Is still running Factory oe coils with a tune..

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    Re: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    Sorry she is an 2006 on a 55 plate

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    Re: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    I will upload the software to an old XP laptop and see if it works, I will report back.

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    Dec 2003

    Re: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    Have you tried linking to it as a Vectra CDTi.

    I used opcom briefly a couple of years ago with my 1.9TID 9-3 (57 plate) and it would only talk to it as the Vectra at that time.
    You should be able to work with it considering you have the same engine Z19DTH.

    I still have the software I used at the time...I can probably upload it somewhere if needed.
    I know there are issues with the different firmware versions and the functionality is limited ...in the end I bought a clone Tech2

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    May 2016
    Essex, England

    Re: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    I've got the same Op-com software as you & am having the exact same problems with it trying to properly read my 2.2 TiD. Seeing as the software & interface were cheap, I concluded that it was probably a load of rubbish & binned it.
    I don't have Tech 2, but I do have Delphi DS-150 E (chinese copy version, so about £60) software & interface & this seems to work great in reading practically the entire car.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited by Nojer; 09-14-2016 at 10:06 PM.

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    Re: Op com not reading interface (sometimes)

    Well I tried it today and all was well. how odd.

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