2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

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Thread: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

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    2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Production of the Saab 9-3 Aero has started in Trollhättan, Sweden. This is great news for Saab customers and supporters around the world. This popular model is coming back in great form, as fun-to-drive as ever and carrying the legacy of innovation and Scandinavian design forward. Initially the cars will be sold to customers in China and Sweden. However, over time the Saab 9-3 Aero and other models will also be available to customers in other markets.

    A new Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan 2014 will cost 279 000 SEK (approx $42618) including VAT with the six-speed manual transmission, and 289 000 SEK (approx $44145) including VAT with the six/speed automatic transmission. The price of this very limited edition of Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan includes free service for 3 years, roadside assistance insurance for 2 years and 3 years of cart injury guarantee.

    Engine Specifications
    Type: four-cylinder turbocharged straight engine all aluminum. Dual overhead camshafts. 16 valves. Double variable
    valve control. Twin balance shafts. Direct Injection. The Twin-scroll turbo. Intercooler. Direct Ignition system
    with one coil per cylinder.
    Volume: dm3 1998
    Max power: kW (HP) EEC at RPM 162 (220) at 5300
    Max torque: Nm at RPM 350 ECC at 2000-4000
    Fuel: 95
    Front suspension: MacPherson strut with gas hydraulic shock absorbers, lower A-arm and heel-shaped
    Rear suspension: duel of multi-link suspension-type (4 links per wheel). coil springs, gas hydraulic shock absorbers,
    anti-roll bar.
    Steering system: power steering (electro-hydraulic)
    Brake system: front/rear Ventilated/vented
    Diameter, front/rear: 302/292 mm
    Fuel capacity: litres in volume 62 (13,6 gal)
    Curb weight: kg 1580-1620, (3 483-3 571lbs)
    Max weight: kg 1985 – 2000 (4 376-4 409lbs)
    Max roof load: 100 kg, (220,46lbs)
    Max trailer weight: kg 1600, (3 527lbs)
    Luggage space: dm3 461 (16,28 ft3)

    Performance * M6/A6
    • Top speed: km/h 240/235
    • 0 to 100 km/h: sec. 6.9/8.6
    • 80 to 120 km/h in fifth gear: sec. 11.5/–

    CO2 emissions * M6/A6
    • Variable driving: g/km 170/195
    • Environment class: g/km Euro 5

    Fuel Consumption * M6/A6
    • City, 11.2 litres/100 km/12.8
    • Country road, litres/100 km 5.2/6.0
    • Combined, litres/100 km 7.4/8.5

    • Exterior color: Jet Black Metallic (Standard), Diamond Silver Metallic (Optional)
    • Manual transmission, 6-speed Standard
    • Automatic, six-speed Optional 10 000 SEK

    Compartment and Interior
    Leather sports steering wheel, adjustable in height and longitudinal direction
    Bucket seats in leather upholstery
    Electrically operated and heated front seats with adjustable lumbar support
    Decorative posts in Matte chrome door sides, on the center console and glove compartment
    Night Panel feature
    Trip Computer
    Heat-absorbing glass
    Sunshades with illuminated mirrors
    Cup holders (2 front, 2 rear)
    Adjustable armrest front
    Rear center armrest, flip-top
    Floor mats in textile

    Body and exterior
    Alloy wheel 10-spoke (Turbine) 18 “(AL90) with tire size
    Sports suspension, lowered 10 mm
    Day time Running Lights in the spoiler front
    Dual sportavgasrör
    Colour-matched bumpers and side skirts
    Colour-matched side mirrors
    Radiator grilles in matt metallic finish
    Headlamp cleaning systems with a pressure-washer
    Bi-xenon headlights with cornering lights, in ‘ wraparound ‘ window
    Fog light rear

    Automatic climate control (ACC) with two climate zones
    Cabin air filter for pollens and particles
    Cruise Control
    Rear parking sensor
    Rain sensor for windscreen wipers
    Electrically operated windows, electrically operated front and rear
    Comfort Locking
    Exterior mirrors, heated
    Rearview mirror inside, automatically dipping
    Electronic key with remote control for central locking
    Automatic light length control
    Headrests, rear Center headrest, retracting at all

    Audio & Communications
    Saab Audio with CD player
    Premium sound system 150
    Steering wheel controls for the audio and profile system and trip computer
    Profile system for individual settings
    Radioantenna in the rear window

    Security & Anti-theft
    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution
    (EBD), panic brake assist (EBA) and brake control when cornering
    Electronic Stability Systems (ESP ®)
    Tire Pressure Monitoring
    Air bags on the driver and passenger side, two-stage
    The Airbag on the passenger side to disable PID, including status indicator
    Anti-whiplash protection
    Side ipact protection system Inc. roof-mounted curtain air bag, front, corporate
    beam system and safety padding
    Illumination dimming systems
    Three-point seatbelts and headrests for all seating positions
    Low anchors, front and rear
    Isofix anchor points for child seats, rear
    Upper attachment point for children, rear seats
    Cargo Shift Protection
    Load anchorage hooks in trunk
    Immobilizer and anti-theft lock
    Theft Alarm
    Security lighting: Led and “follow-me-home” function
    Headlight washers

    Practical details
    Center console with armrest and covered storage facilities
    Coin Holder
    12V outlet in the center console, front, as well as storage space between the chairs
    Rear seats fold down, wholly or partly (60/40)
    Ski Hatch
    Tire Repair Kit

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    Super Moderator kez's Avatar
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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    does it come c/w a blonde Swedish girl !!

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    Saab Afficionado Brennan's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Northern Ireland

    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    lol please put in relevant section gramps

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Nice! Wonder what the power delivery is like.
    MY09 TTID custom remap 238bhp & EGR delete
    MY11 front grill, Hirsch: Leather handles, handbrake, rear diffuser, Osram Nightbreaker HID's, Michelin Pilot SS rubber
    BA SE45 front speakers, Vibe 6x9 rear's connected to Vibe Amp.

    Any advice given is meant to be helpful and in good spirit.
    No liability is accepted for loss , damage or injury.

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    the big question is what are they going to do for the facelift car i.e the car they can actually sell properly

    2009 1.8t Linear Convertible

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    Saab Afficionado Brennan's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Northern Ireland

    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Quote Originally Posted by sianderson View Post
    the big question is what are they going to do for the facelift car i.e the car they can actually sell properly
    I'd imagine a new body shape and plenty of high tech kit that was on the NG9-5, will sell no problem

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    hmmmm their heart is still with the EV and only see the Petrol as a stepping stone so not so sure they will make the 9-3 into the ng9-5 style,

    a lower engine to bring down the 26k price tag would be nice, i did see a report that says they are going to swap the audio to a panasonic head unit with android intergration bluetooth / sat nav etc so it brings the audio side to the top of the game

    but believe the core of the car is going to be the same as its only a face lift not a redesign

    i just really hope they can develop the EV to be able to do 250 - 300 miles off a full charge (currently 124 miles), with a really quick charging time and the batteries last for at least 10 years lol

    2009 1.8t Linear Convertible

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    things are starting to move which looks more positive that they are now getting dealerships up and running in Sweden


    2009 1.8t Linear Convertible

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Glad they're up and running, but already playing catchup.
    Even the Hyundai I20 has bluetooth intergrated phones, etc etc.
    Should be launching a car with a USP, not an outdated stopgap to generate revenue.
    Just the SAAB badge is not going to be enough, and I can see another crises looming.
    Last edited by douwboy; 04-17-2014 at 04:07 AM.

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Sorry but engines crap brakes are crap premium sound 150 is crap its just bodge bodge bodge and bang it out earn some cash...... The EV well don't even get me started on that waste of a brain cell..... If anything they need to hybrid all of their cars even the diesels this would give them more power and efficiency thus keeping tax low and mpg high
    Last edited by nathanbrand1987; 04-17-2014 at 05:11 AM.

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    engines are crap? so a car that brakes if you just do 2 miles a day is a much better alternative to a petrol engine in your eyes?

    2009 1.8t Linear Convertible

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    i refuse to get into this arguement lol im a mod ill ban you lol jokes

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Quote Originally Posted by douwboy View Post
    no car really has a USP nowadays, just like the computer world, no PC Manufacturer has a USP

    the whole idea of having a USP is an outdated business concept nowadays when it comes to technology,

    yes it is always good to do something different but this could set you up for a big fail,
    but tell me the USP's for a peugeot 208, vauxhall corsa, ford fiesta, renault clio, hyundai i20 and many many more?

    every manufacturer is playing catch up to designers / prototypers anyway even the likes of BMW and Volvo but lets review the costs of these cars with these USP's rather than the every day type of car people will be driving, what people are looking for is a nice solid reliable car to suit their needs not gimmicks and USP's that mean you have to be stupidly rich to drive it and that is what i feel Saab have they have always been that price cut under the likes of BMW, Merc and Audi but deliver the same quality of car

    2009 1.8t Linear Convertible

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    They are the ones who went bust and are now trying to get back into a lost market.
    Unless they do something different, albeit it perhaps within a particular price band, they'll still be stuck
    with the few fans like us. Not enough to relaunch a failed business.
    Satnav's are standard even in "lesser" cars. So lets forget going forward; they're not even standing still.

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    Re: 2014 NEVS 9-3 Aero Specification

    Quote Originally Posted by douwboy View Post
    They are the ones who went bust and are now trying to get back into a lost market
    perhaps you should read up on the ins and the outs of what happened and in particular what GM did to force Saab to go bust, saab were doomed because of how much GM had control of them, and killed them off

    but now Saab are pretty much GM free (Saab were reporting to be making a profit untill GM did what they did)
    Last edited by sianderson; 04-17-2014 at 08:10 AM.

    2009 1.8t Linear Convertible

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