Well i have been driving our family car, a SAAB 9000cs for a year now with no problems. Well my luck ran out. Within 2 days our starter, ignition switch, serpentine belt, hood and hatch supports have all broke! It is our family car and we live in a small town so it is essential to drive to get anything. I am looking for some fellow Canadian Saab owners who might help a guy out and maybe sell a few parts to me fast. I have a 4,5 and 6 year old so money is always tight and We are feeling a bit desperate. I have been offered a few parts from other saab sites but unfortunately they are all from the U.S and would need to go through customs etc and would not be here quick enough. I know I am new here but please, i am reaching out and hoping somebody can help. All the best everyone and I hope to hear from you and hopefully be able to help out in return. take care,