Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

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Thread: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

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    Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    I have a 96 Aero Auto and the gearbox makes an annoying 'parp' noise everytime 3rd gear engages. The noise elongates when you are driving in a hurry! It is an annoyance more than anything. I think it is a belt slipping. My question is, can it be rectified without breaking the bank? Would it improve of I changed the gearbox oil? Thanks. James

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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    I would change the g/box oil and filter first and go from there.

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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    As the zohan says, fluid change can work wonders. Note that it takes 3 fluid changes to change all the fluid (with a bit of mileage between changes) due to the amount retained in the torque converter. The band can be adjusted, check out this link: The Townsend site also has other items on auto trans diagnosis which might help.

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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    Thanks very much chaps. I saw a video on YouTube that showed a guy disconnecting a tube whilst refilling the gearbox oil (with the engine running) which saved him from doing the job 3 times as it cleared out the torque converter. I wondered if anyone had tried this method or even if it was possible on a Saab Aero? Thanks again for your replies. James

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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    start with the basics. Oil level correct? Check at the 80C mark after 10 or more miles driving, car level, engine running, gear selector in P.
    Oil colour and smell ok? Oil should be clear red, not milky red, not black, without any traces of a burned smell, without particles.

    Don't bother with a full fluid change right away. Do a single oil change first, drive it for a while and see if anything changes. If things improve you're lucky, change it 2 more times and all will be fine.

    However if nothing improves after one change, most likely your problem is not related to oil quality but something more serious is wrong. When you remove the filter meticulously check what is in there. Should be next to nothing.
    There is also a magnet in the filter cover (at least there should be, they're often missing). Check what that has collected. Some fine hairy metal stuff is normal, any larger pieces are bad news.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    and by the way: it's probably not a slipping belt you hear. The only brake band in this box is released and not applied on the 2-3 shift Slipping belts don't make noises anyway unless they are completely shot.
    Let's hope it's just hydraulic noise and that a fluid change will make a difference!

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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    Well I finally rolled my sleeves up and jacked the old girl up, only to realise that the job was far beyond my humble I got my local garage to change the gearbox oil and filter and the difference is amazing. The 'parp' noise is still there under heavy load but reduced considerably under normal driving and the smoothness of the box is different again. I only wish I had done it much earlier! The mechanic said the oil was really black and I can only guess that it hasn't been changed in a long time. So anyone who isn't overly happy with their auto changes, I can highly recommend an oil change. I think I will do another one soon just to see if I can improve it any further. Thanks for the reassurances!

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    Re: Aero Auto Belt Slipping in 3rd

    Good to hear! But you are not there yet, when you drain the box and refill less than half the content of the box is actually changed. The rest remains in the torque converter and will not drain.

    If you want your box to last, do at least 2 or 3 more changes with a few hundred miles in between until the oil stays clear and red. Just remove the three small m6 bolts that hold a small circular cover on the bottom of you box, place some tray or container under it, pull the cover out (it's held in place by an o-seal) and see 3.8 liters of oil flow out. Replace the lid, refill with fresh oil and you're done. It's really nothing more than a 10 minute job.

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