Hefty water leak, 2.3t

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Thread: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

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    Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    Hi guys, I've got a 99 2.3t 95 that developed a coolant leak that I struggled to trace until recently. Below the main fuse box under the bonnet is what I assume to be an auxilliary water pump (correct me where I'm wrong) with three hoses connecting to it on plastic unions, bonded into the alloy casting. The topmost is split where the union meets the alloy. My best efforts to stem the flow temporarily have failed, the water bubbles under the quiksteel and oozes out , so it's time to rellace the part. Can anyone confirm if this is a pump or otherwise, and what I should be shopping for?
    The car doesn't overheat, but I regularly have to fill up the coolant and on a long run it loses enough that the heater will go cold.
    Any help would be appreciated! Cheers,


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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    There's no auxiliary water pump on the car. Where is this thing exactly? Do you mean the coolant bypass valve that's fitted to the bulkhead and has three coolant pipes going to it?

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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    I stand corrected! That sounds like the kiddy though pal, thanks very much

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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    Sorry, I got carried away, it's not the bypass valve. I'll dig out the photo i got

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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    Here it is, you can see the rusty residue around the union where it's split an leaks

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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    I can't work out what part it is. can you take a wider angle photo? I have looked on my 2.3's and can't find anything similar near the fuse box (mine are autos if that makes a difference) The only water connection near this area is the pipe from the expansion tank. Has the car had any mods?

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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    Sorry for the delay chaps, I've been away from the car for a few weeks and not had a chance to get a pic until today. Here it is though, to the top right of the picture the large fuse/relay box, the inlet boos pipe to the bottom.
    The car is modified in the sense it has LPG, but thats all and that's what that "Millenium" control box is in the pic.




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    Re: Hefty water leak, 2.3t

    I don't think it is a Saab part, it might be part of the LPG system. There's nothing like it on my 9-5's and I've never seen it on any other 9-5.

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