Car wont turn over

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Thread: Car wont turn over

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    Car wont turn over

    Hey there,

    Just wondering if anyone had any advice on this. I was driving my 9k on tuesday night going home, and stopped at the traffic lights, and it suddenly cut out on me. I put it in N and veered it to the side and tried starting her up again but to no luck. After a few minutes it managed to turn over and I kept the revs high and popped in D and drove off. It drove for several minutes without any hitch and then suddenly cut out on me again. After a few minutes I tried again and it fired up and got me around the corner when it cut out once again. This time it took about 10 minutes and it started up but again, got me just round the corner where it cut out and refused to start. Completely dead, lights came on but wouldn't turn over at all.

    I left it there overnight and called green flag in the morning who claimed it was not the battery and where would you like it towed. I've had it towed to my garage, who has checked it and said it's not the fuel pump (as I initially thought) but could be immobliser. He still has the car and is still working on it, does anyone here have any experience with this kind of thing or give me some advice. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Car wont turn over


    a model year and engine size + aspiration would probably help.

    in general though, the immobiliser works by cutting the fuel - so the engine will crank over but not fire. this is also the case with the fuel pump - engine will crank but not fire.

    if the engine wont crank over I would say its either the started motor or crank position sensor are the most likely causes. as above it would be easier to help diagnose if you provide some vehicle details and whether there is a check engine code or not.


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    Re: Car wont turn over


    When you say that the car won't turn over, I assume that the starter will not crank the engine. Is this the case or do you just mean that it won't start. If the former then I would suspect the inhibitor switch on the gear lever ( auto box - yes ).

    Alternatively it could be the pre-engage solenoid which is part of the starter motor. However, since you first experienced the engine cuting out completely this would point towards problems such as the ignition switch ( fairly simple to replace ) or the crank position sensor as Jopo001 suggests. The immobiliser, in my experience, allows the engine to spin over and fire but it dies as soon as the starter motor is de-energised. This is because the fuel pump runs while the starter is running but is inhibited at other times.

    Since you mentioned the lights, another, rather strange 9000 anomaly may be to blame. The light control relay - the so called BIG RED relay in the subsidiary fuse box beside the battery. This has been known to cause the ignition to just turn off when it fails. Do a search for BIG RED or for a user known as R4ERO who had this fault ( probably around 2004 )

    Paul @ Kippen.

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    Re: Car wont turn over

    Cheers, for all the suggestions guys,

    The car was driving and suddenly cut out and this happened 3 times and evertime I started the car up, it tool slightly longer to turn over/crank and eventually it decided it wasn't even going to do that, turn the key and nothing but the dashboard lights and everything still came up. I tried the folowing morning and the dashboard lights were dimmer but no crank/turn over.

    Update - I've had it looked at and the guy seems to think it is a immobliser problem or crank shaft sensor, but with all the suggestions you have provided, I will be informing him of them. The mechanic seems to know what he is talking about and will get a diagnosis of the problem from him today. Any more suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW the car is a S reg 1998 Saab 9000 2.0 LPT Auto with 147k on the clock.

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