03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

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Thread: 03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

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    03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

    Error codes: P0244 and P0234

    I bought a Saab 9-3 back at the end of September with 76k miles on the clock. Almost immediately the CEL came on but for various reasons (mainly because I got it fairly cheaply and I was moving house at the time and not near the dealer) I chose to have it checked out rather than take it back.

    I took it in for a service and to have the error looked at.

    The symptoms at the time were little to no power at low revs until over 3000 and then it seemed to kick in although at higher revs 3500 to 4000 it would sometimes kick back into limp home mode.

    The garage found a split pipe which I somewhat expected after doing some reading up. I do a lot of miles with work and the car drove absolutely fine until two weeks ago where it started smoking, the power wasn't at all smooth and seemed generally down on power.

    I took it back into my local garage and they had a good diagnostic session and said that the turbo impeller shaft was loose and the impeller was getting stuck causing a lack of air flow into the engine and therefore unburned fuel passing through the exhaust which was causing the smoke.

    The turbo didn't appear damaged by this so it was sent off to be reconditioned. The guys who did the reconditioning said that the damage was likely caused by overboost, eg the turbo is being pressurised but that isn't making it into the engine. I picked up the car on Thursday and the mechanic noted that the power seemed low for a 2.2 and to me it felt low on power too, and that the exhaust system, the manifold, the egr valve had all been checked and cleaned.
    On Friday I was down to work in Kings Lynn which is about a 90 mile back road trip for me, on the way I went to pass a lorry, changed down to either 3rd or 4th (don't remember which) and accelerated past it, and hey presto the CEL light comes on and limp home mode cuts in.

    My question is where do I go from here? After more reading it looks like the wastegate actuator arm could be sticking not releasing the turbo pressure into the engine. Does anyone have any other suggestions for things to get checked out? I might have the EGR valve changed anyway as it only costs about £30 and apparently there are electronic parts that can fail in it so cleaning might not be enough.

    Any suggestions welcome as I love the car and would love to keep it. If it is the wastegate actuator, how easy is that to replace?

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    Re: 03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

    Just thought I'd add, I've just checked the invoice work list and it specifically says that all the vacuum hoses were tested as were the control solinoids. I believe these are the input solinoids not the wastegate solinoid? Is that correct?

    Thanks to everyone who reads!

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    Re: 03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

    I've just had the throttle actuator solenoid replaced on my 2.2 which appears to have been the thing that was throwing mine into limp home a lot, throwing up all sorts of related codes, it was an intermittent fault, though sometimes it would happen daily, sometimes go a couple of weeks without the light coming on, the EGR valve is nearer to £300 to replace not £30 though palt

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    Re: 03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

    Thanks for the reply. Not sure where I saw the EGR so cheaply then, but a look around has shown it to be more than £30. How much was the repair you mentioned? And what were the symptoms like?

    I did a quick run to the shops and back and the car feels very seriously underpowered, I'm guessing there is no boost from the turbo making it into the engine at all. Having read a few more things and having popped the bonnet to see what I could see I would have thought that the wastegate solenoid would have been reconditioned with the turbo.

    I'm feeling really stuck now, anyone else have any other suggestions?

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    Re: 03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

    Do a search on cleaning egr valve.
    Quick look on google 9-3 cleaning egr 2.2 turned up lots of threads and U tube vid's



    good luck

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    Re: 03 Plate Saab 9-3 2.2tid Turbo Problems

    Thanks for the link!
    Apparently the garage cleaned the EGR and it's an excellent trustworthy garage that several of my friends and their dad's use so I tend to believe that it should be in good nick.
    I'll take it back in tomorrow as it's clearly not right.
    The lack of power is very noticable now especially in 1st gear as it seems to rev but there is little power.
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