SAAB 9-5 non start problem

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Thread: SAAB 9-5 non start problem

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    Dec 2011
    Halifax, West Yorkshire

    SAAB 9-5 non start problem

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly hello everyone!! Sorry for this being my first post. I do a lot of lurking, but I don't tend to register a lot of the time but now I am here and I am hoping that you might be able to help me with our family daily, Digger as he is named.

    Digger is a 1999 SAAB 9-5 2.3 LPT (with 201,100 miles on the clock) and few days ago I was changing the pollen filter, so I had the glove box out. I changed out the filter and put everything back, I moved up to the scuttle panel and removed the wiper linkage to inspect the blower motor. The car was starting before I did any of this work.

    All this was returned as I found it, and I sat in the car and tried to start it. Crank, crank, crank..... no fire up. It had been running earlier that morning.

    If someone had told me this same scenario I would be almost 99% sure that what ever they had fiddled with would be the root cause of the non start. I promise hand on heart that I have checked every wire in the areas I have been in. The only other thing to note really is that I have the bonnet up for quite a long time and I had the ignition on for a long period.

    There are other complications, this car runs and ALDESA RSI+ lpg system, this is hooked directly to the ECU and for some reason this prevents me pulling codes from the car with an ODB reader. Why I do not know?

    Now onto what I have checked and what I think I know....

    There is no spark, there is no prime sound with the fuel pump. The main relay has 2 12v feeds and good earths, so this tells me that the ECU is switching the relay? The injectors are not getting any power.

    If I give a 12v feed to the lower connection on fuse 19 (fuel pump fuse) I can run the pump and I can get fuel to the schrieder valve on the fuel rail.

    I have swapped over the fuel pump relay with wiper relay and tested it, so I know the relays are ok.

    I have even done a quick check on the CPS and it is showing a varying resistance as the engine is cranked, but then again my limited knowledge tells me that this wouldn't cause the fuel pump not to run.

    I have checked EVERY fuse and relay that I can find. I have locked and unlocked the doors, left the battery off over night just to try and do a reset.

    I have one key with the car and that has always started it, I don't get any warning messages other than TEST THE BRAKES on the SID.

    It is seriously acting as if a fuel pump cut off or crash sensor has gone off and as far as I know this model doesn't have one?

    Some other things to note:- The battery has full charge, I have checked the Earth to the inlet manifold and that was loose. Great I thought, got it. Tightened it and nothing!

    I have run out of ideas, I don't really know where to go next. I am open to ANY ideas you may have, even if it means me going back and checking where I have been before. Maybe there is something in the areas I have been that needs extra special attention??

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give me.


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    Dec 2011
    Berkshire, UK

    Re: SAAB 9-5 non start problem

    HI, unless someone has already said this, otherwise it sounds like it could be the coil pack.
    Ive had the same problem, although mine has a tendency to stall whilst driving, and not restart!

    Oh and Im currently in the process of changing no. 4 / 5 coilpacks in as many months!!

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    Re: SAAB 9-5 non start problem

    Just to be sure its not a fuel problem u should spray carb cleaner in one of the vacuum opening and try cranking. if it starts even for a second u know everything is working except u dont have fuel pressure. if it still just cranks with no sign of starting then u have some serious troubleshooting to do my friend. GOOD LUCK

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