SAAB 93 cutting out - any ideas?

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Thread: SAAB 93 cutting out - any ideas?

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    SAAB 93 Aero, 2003 - intermittent cutting out. Loses all power and have to coast to a safe place to stop. Has happened on local roads at slow speed and in fast lane of motorway at high speed. Engine simply dies, rev couter and speedo fall back to zero, no power steering so becomes heavy to steer to safety. No fault registers on display (appears normal, clock displayed ok, etc) and no error codes strored when diagnostic check carried out by SAAB (twice now, including lengthy road test - nothing found - absolutely no ideas). Will not start again even after several hours. Only way to start is by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, then all back to normal immediately. One clue - when in "dead" mode a barely audible ticking (tick,tick,tick) and high pitched steady whining coming from under plastic engine cover, just above and to left of dipstick. Dis- and re-connecting battery seems to clear or "re-boot" this, then all OK. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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    hi there my 9-5 aero had the same fault which ended up being the crankshaft sensor a very easy 80 quid fix

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    Thank you big C. I'll get the sensor changed. Very helpful!

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    big C what year is your car? I've heard of crankshaft position sensor problems on the older 9-3, but not on the 2003-on car.

    Although it does sound like that type of problem, maybe a broken wire ? But possibly only traceable accurately, if at all, with a code reader.

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    See my post, same thing happened to me - turned out to be the crankshaft sensor

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    No, this sounds to be crucially different to the common problem of crank shaft sensor in that removing the battery lead immediately fixes this problem. I'd suggest it's a fault in the underhood electrical centre, a relay or control module, this really needs someone with a Tech-2 on hand to plug it in when it fails to see if they can communicate with the car and associated systems or start checking things by removing one fuse at a time and putting it back and see if the car will restart after any of these, this might allow a general idea of which circuit the problem is in.

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    Thanks all. The crankshaft sensor does appear to be quite common where cut outs are concerned, but I think you may have a point quinophex. Another fault has recently started occuring and having read your post I am wondering if the issues might be related. The fuse for the window washer fluid keeps blowing. Could both of these problems be linked by a wider electrical fault I wonder (or is that way wide of the mark)?

    By the way, someone else also suggested checking the throttle body butterfly, which may not be opening correctly - and effectively re-setting when re-connecting the battery. One to quickly test when it next fails.

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    Most crank shaft sensor failures are caused by heat soak, i.e. the sensor gets too hot to give a good signal. Disconnecting the battery won't make a difference as the sensor needs to cool down first before you can restart. This is why it's unlikely to be a simple sensor problem as disconnecting the battery is resetting something. Can you still turn lights on and off, open and close windows etc. when this fault occurs?

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    I haven't tried the lights and windows when the fault occurs. I'm pretty sure the hazard warning lights work ok though.

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    Re: SAAB 93 cutting out - any ideas?

    Hi, can anyone advise me please. I also have a problem that started only yesterday with my Saab 93 cutting out. Its a 2001 'Y' Saab 93 SE with a 2.2 TiD. I had a loss of power yesterday and the check engine light came on although it didn't stall. Now it has started to just cut out as if someone has turned the engine off although i got a glimpse of the check engine light coming on for a second or two before it cut out. There is no check engine light on now and it did start after a few attempts. it seems to have started after i floored it for a second to get out of a dangerous situation of me pulling out in front of someone in error (oops!), the wheels spun and although i never red lined it it ran at a high rev 4000rpm before i changed gear. My wife and i can not live without a vehicle to get to and from work and hospital visits as we are both in poor health and i cannot afford expensive repair costs. Its a long time since i have had my hands under a car bonnet as modern cars seem to scare me compared to the old 80's cars where it was all straight forward. Can anyone advise a newbie?? Thank you
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    Re: SAAB 93 cutting out - any ideas?

    Hi there...! My 2003 Saab is doing the same thing..!! Seems to be very related to the vehicles temperature.. I have recently replaced the crankshaft sensor and still have the cut out issue... No codes coming up when in the workshop and no indication or pre warning of engine cut out.. Seems to be when car has been driving some time and hasn't had time to cool down.. Thinking electrical but also have been told it could possibly be the oil temperature and quality of oil that is distorting the sensors signal.. .??? Not sure if this is accurate but I will be changing the oil filter and replacing oil which seems long overdue... Will keep updated on any success I have..!!
    Keep posting if u have any luck with anything

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    Re: SAAB 93 cutting out - any ideas?

    Has anyone had any success i solving this cutting out problem? We have it...we have replaced the CIS, steering lock and key block. Nothing working so far...getting desperate.

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    Re: SAAB 93 cutting out - any ideas?

    I have similar problems.

    My 9-3 2.2 TiD has almost made it to 200 000 km but stopped a couple of days ago. The engine fault light lit up, and the motor died. I tried starting, the engine sounded like it almost would start, but wouldn't.
    Got it to a garage which read the following codes:

    PSG16 P0017 FA - Uneven pump rotation, worn chain.
    P1149 5A - Injection Timing Control Malfunction. Injection too Late.
    P1627 F7 - ESP torque invalid? (translated from norwegian "ESP moment ugyldig" - not sure about this one)
    P0342 2D - Pump Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction. Internal Fault.
    P0106 FA - Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit. Plausibility Fault with Atmosphere Pressure.

    The garage says there is no sign of ignition now, so the motor is nowhere near starting.
    The garage believes this is cause by worn chain or defect diesel pump.

    I had similar problems twice almost one year ago. Both times the car started running again without the garage being able to explain why.
    First time they replaced a sensor on the camshaft or something. This didn't fix it. We towed the car to another garage. Now the car suddenly started after charging the battery (was dead after first garage's search for problems).
    Second time it happened I towed it to a garage, where the car just started the first time they checked it...

    I would be grateful for any ideas what to check. Both worn chain and diesel pump would cost me about 50 000 NOK, which is about what the car would be worth if OK... So I don't have any plans to change these things...

    Thanks for any help!


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