How do I replace a light bulb in the instrument cluster?

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Thread: How do I replace a light bulb in the instrument cluster?

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    Hi Guys.
    A bulb's gone in the instrument cluster of my 2001 9-3 and I would like to replace it. How do I get to the back of the cluster to access the bulbs? I've removed as many screws as I could find and the dash still seems firmly held in place. Will I need to remove the steering wheel? Any help would be much appreciated!



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    Hi Jon,

    I can only offer the way I removed the panel (but not to replace a bulb). Firstly I think they they are Saab only bulbs (but don't quote me). Mine was a 2001 conv, but I think all dashes are the same.

    1) Remove the stereo and Sid unit. 2) Remove all switches from the instrument surround. 3) Remove the steering column shrouds.
    4) Undo the 9 (nine) screws (one is hidden behind the light switch hole, one or two in the stereo opening, and another hidden in the Sid opening). Once you have undone a few, you will be able to see where it is still solid and trace the other screws (it took me a while to find them all).
    5) remove the seat belt warning light bulb and remove surround.
    6) Remove the instrument panel screws (from memory, some were long and some were short), pull forward and undo the wiring harness.

    Steering wheel does not need to be removed (although it was tight trying to remove the wiring harness).

    I removed my instrument panel to run additional wiring for a Dension Iphone music kit (so it works with the steering wheel controls). I nearly gave up, but my local ICE dealer wanted £220 to do the job. It was my first atempt and it took me all day to remove and replace the dash (with a lot of swearing).

    I hope I have not put you off and if there is an easier way and my post is incorrect, im sorry, but this was how I was told to do it.

    Good luck


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    Thanks for the advice Tom. Much appreciated! I would have never found the screws hidden behind the stereo, CIDS panel or light switches had it not been for your wise words. The car's like a Chinese puzzle! Unfortunately, once I'd removed 10 screws, I found the panel still secured in place at the far ends by the air vents. No amount of searching with a torch brought about any enlightenment as why it was still fixed and so I've had to admit defeat with this one. It's been an interesting exercise though.



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