Blower Fan Motor Noise

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Thread: Blower Fan Motor Noise

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    I can't seem to find how to get into my saab 9-3 to get to my blower fan motor? Here is my problem: I was able to open up the cowl and peek through the cabin air filter and spray the cage with WD-40 as this summer it would make a noise and to not order a new one I saw a post about spraying it because it is a common problem. The fan works, it will run, however in a setting past 1 it seems as though it is unaligned and it is touching a piece of plastic as it is spining around inside the housing. It sounds like a fast tapping sound inside the cabin of the car. Could the fan be going out or did I bend the fan as I was spraying it with wd-40 and test spinning it with my hand. The air still circulates but the noise just dosn't stop. Again, it is like it is hitting something as it is spinning around. I have been able to find pictures detailing the removal through a 9-5. Is this the same for the 9-3? I found one on ebay but do not want to order one if there is another solution. Thanks all for your help.

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    Welcome to SS..

    the fast ticking/clacking type noise is the recirc motor gone..sit on the side the top half of the cabin fan housing..

    does it only last about 10ish secs.. <<sound like that
    My 9-3 audio,2 x cd changers,aux-in & Bluetooth audio streaming..

    Is still running Factory oe coils with a tune..

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    It is definitely not the clacking sound but more like the first noise, though the recirculation button doesn't make the sound change. It actually makes it go away for maybe 2 seconds then it returns when I either push the recirculation button on or off. The strange thing is that when I am on the highway the sound goes away almost completely then when I slow down or come of the highway into city driving it returns. Thoughts on that?? Thanks so much for the detailed pictures to remove the motor. I might try again to peek inside and mess with the cage and see if I can get the nosie to stop otherwise I might end up buying another to see if that fixes the problem.

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    update on this noise. I got it to go away. I took the blower fan motor out through your post and regreased the motor. I used an oil called liquid wrench that is used for many items around the home and auto. Squirted some all inside and let it set overnight. Installed the motor back on and up to this point I have not heard the noise. Thanks for your help and the instructions in taking the blower motor off.

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