CEL is on, Codes P1260 & P1251

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Thread: CEL is on, Codes P1260 & P1251

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    2003 95 Aero, 245000 miles.

    I still have an issue with the CEL (check engine light). Went to have the codes read and this is what they (Auto Zone) found.

    Code P1251 "Start of cold start injector short to positive" Open or short circuit condition. Cause failed cold start injector.

    Code P1260 " Fuel pump speed relay control circuit fault" Cause ECM has detected improper voltage on the fuel pump speed relay PWM circuit.( Failed fuel pump control module....or..... Open or short circuit condition.)

    After reading the codes they erased them. I started the car and the CEL was gone. On the way home it reappeared again.

    Any idea if these codes apply to me, if they make sense? Any ideas how to fix them?


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    Those are fault codes associated with the throttle body- nothing to do with injectors or fuel pump.

    Sounds like the car is in limp home mode. It's a fairly common fault that may be fixed by cleaning the throttle body but if not it will have to be replaced.

    Info on resetting limp home here

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    Has your car really done 245k?

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    There are some Trionic 7 software updates that will fix throttle body faults. Worth getting your car checked first by a specialist or main dealer before having a new throttle body fitted.

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    Hi Russ

    Yes my Aero just turned 245000. Up until a week ago, the car ran great, no problems at all. It still gets good gas mileage, is very fast and comfortable!


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    Hi Mark E

    Can you tell me what's involved in cleaning the throttle body? Right now, since they reset the computer the car runs o.k..


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    Re: CEL is on, Codes P1260 & P1251

    did you ever find a solution to the problem? I have the same issues. Thanks.

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    Re: CEL is on, Codes P1260 & P1251

    Thank you for good communication.
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