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Thread: OP Com

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    I have a 2007 9-3 1.9 TiD 150

    Have down loaded the OP Com software and it all opens up ok, but it doesnt lnk up with the car and i get the message ERROR INTERFACE NOT FOUND

    I have gone through the program as per the you tube link below

    OP-COM+Saab 9-3 Part 1


    Can some offer any advice please

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    I have since downloaded the usb driver and all is ok, i just need to activate it now

    It says send email to receive the activation code

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    Opel-CAN – USB Scanner

    1. Run OPComEN.exe using the given disk or another source.
    2. The program for Windows XP will be installed to the folder
    C:\Program Files\OP-ComEN
    The Driver for Windows XP will be installed to the folder
    C:\Program Files\ OP-ComEN \Driver
    3. Connect OpelCANscan to any free USB port of your PC
    4. Windows XP will find a new device with the “Found New Hardware Wizard”. Select the
    following path manually C:\Program Files\OP-ComEN\Driver
    5. Now you must ACTIVATE your program.

    You can generate the Program CODE ONLY on your PC and ONLY if the scanner is
    connected. You should generate a NEW CODE for each of your PCs.

    1.) Connect your scanner to the USB port and install Driver
    2.) Run the program Activator-OP-COM.exe

    It is located in the folder C:\Program Files\OP-ComEN\Activator
    Code-Generator looks exactly like the OP-Com software itself

    3.) Press the button DIAGNOSTICS
    4.) Select a 2007 model year
    5.) Select Agila model
    6.) Select ENGINE
    7.) Select Z 10 XEP type of engine
    8.) Press NEXT - in the button appeared under “OK” sign you will find your Personal
    Code for the program OP-ComEN. WRITE DOWN THIS CODE !
    9.) Open software OP-ComEN
    10.) Repeat steps 1 to 8. When the software will ask for the CODE – insert the CODE
    generated already. Make sure to insert it with ENGLISH letters not with local encoding.
    6. Run the program OP-ComEN
    7. Select the Model Year of the car and Left-click it twice.
    8. Select the Model of the car, the module to diagnose, etc...
    9. If you have any questions, consult the PDF files those you can find in the folder
    C:\Program Files\ OP-ComEN\Help
    In case of switching from one car to another you should completely disconnect the scanner
    from the USB port so that it could reset and reboot.

    Hope this helps
    You might need to do update after depending on year of car,ie software VO1.39

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    Hi thanks for that. It has now loaded up ok and i have activated it.

    It sometimes struggles to link to the car and the program has a poor response time (may be my laptop).

    Does anyone know how to do a manual regen of the DPF? The page to do it is not jumping out at me!

    Also where do i find what the saturation % is of my DPF? Is it worded that way?

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    Aug 2012
    Windsor, UK

    Re: OP Com

    Found this on one of ebay adds for Opcom(http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OP-COM-V-C...item1c2ff313b3) :

    "Version 100820B
    It covers almost all Opel cars, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B.
    The program lets you to read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data, lets you to perform output test, and supports remote, and key programming."

    I wonder would it be possible to program Saab keys using opcom or does it only work for Vauxhall keys?

    And another thing, someone wrote in a thread that opcom is same as/based on elm327, is that true? Because I have an elm327 adapter, so would I be able to use functions like DPF regen and airbag code read?

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    Administrator aerojon's Avatar
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    Re: OP Com

    op-com is mainly for vauxhall
    My 9-3 audio,2 x cd changers,aux-in & Bluetooth audio streaming..

    Is still running Factory oe coils with a tune..

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    Windsor, UK

    Re: OP Com

    so if I already have elm327, would I be able to use any extra functions from having an opcom?

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    Re: OP Com

    Got opcom and it works OKish. However programming of keys etc. is not possible.
    With Vauxhall stuff you need a security PIN number (comes with your car). So whenever opcom needs security clearance (keys programming certain modules etc.) it pops a dialog asking for you PIN. You enter and your away.

    Saab do not use this. They have no PIN and get security clearance via the internet/Saab ie for programming new key you have to connect the Tech II to get security code. So this aspect of opcom doesn't work with Saab's

    Also be careful, whilst playing around I entered a PIN to test out (0000) and disabled by car!! Key would not start engine and steering lock stopped working when key was inserted. I nearly had a heart attack. Luckily disconnecting battery for 5 mins reset everything back do normal.

    I did manage to get readings from throttle, lights etc. However it seems quite limited with Saabs. And it seems to be able to read and reset ABS etc. fault codes so you do have more functionality that with a regular OBD reader. However it is a little patchy.

    Anyone with further tips let me know.

    PS Just had a new key programmed by Saab using TechII for £40, Saab Swindon. Any TechII recommendations around Swindon as I've got seat heaters on way!?
    Last edited by mrasmith; 02-14-2013 at 07:43 AM.
    9-3, 2.0t Vector Convertible - 6 speed manual - 2007 dash update

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    Re: OP Com

    I've up dated my op-com and it says carnt find usb port is there I program I can use to update usb port or have a killed my op-com

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